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Salesforce campaign is one of the most effective tools to stimulate your overall business performance but at the same time most under-utilized platform that is a part of Sales Cloud Product. Whether you’re a small or a big enterprise, this tool adds value to your organization. But most of the Salesforce Campaigns users are not utilizing its vigor to its optimum. You may also take help of a certified and experienced Salesforce Consultants on this.

Let’s have an insight into 5 tips that can help you use this great platform to its best.

1. Syncing Campaign Members with Multiple Campaigns

This is one of the features which is the core of this tool, allows you to sync your Leads and Contacts to particular Campaigns. Campaign Members is a tiny joint that helps connect multiple Leads and Contacts to multiple campaigns. You can do this by searching, importing a file and opting several other ways and also tracking the response to the campaign. So don’t forget to link it with email tools and Campaign Influence, it’ll prove to be a great marketing tool!

2. Customize Fields That Align With Your Key Metrics

Often businesses want to track a great span of information and data relating to their campaigns. This all requires a proper standardization of the information you like to monitor so that it displays in the same fields on every Campaign. You would like to assess the success of your campaign and compare it with other campaigns frequently. But in this effort, you would not like to clutter the page with umpteen custom fields. So, in this case, some necessary fields will make your campaign tracking much easier. Like, tailoring the Campaign Type field to keep track of the right segregation of Campaigns can work. You may also associate the specific Salesforce Campaign Hierarchies to the related Campaigns for better tracking.

3. Setting up Campaign Influence

This is a great automated component allowing you to see the impact that a specific Campaign has on an Opportunity. Usually when you assign any contact a role on an Opportunity, and if that Contact is already involved earlier with a Campaign, Salesforce will by default sync that Campaign with the Opportunity. It will actually paint a wider picture of the Campaigns that are more successful and had the biggest impact on an Opportunity. You can define a timeframe when the contact can be linked to an opportunity and disassociating a contact to an old opportunity. It will actually bring great results syncing your Campaigns with open Opportunities.

4. Utilizing Strong Campaign Reporting

Its reporting potential is actually splendid. Campaign Influence collects invaluable information. Through the campaign reporting you can assess the number of opportunities that have been created, the number of won opportunities, the worth of every open opportunity, and also the value of closed opportunities by viewing the various opportunities associated with the campaign. Such data is very crucial for the marketing professionals to analyze the success and effectiveness of a specific campaign and planning their strategy further.

5. Integrating with Email Marketing Tools

When you integrate Email Marketing tools with Salesforce/Campaigns, you can create a roster, diversify data and send out email campaigns directly from within Salesforce. This conglomeration creates the list of Leads/Contacts you generated and it can by default be transferred to Campaign Members. You can send out the emails to all of them and get the status of the emails updated automatically.

These are some of the most powerful ways to create an effective Salesforce campaign to get the optimized outcome.

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