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Black tea, although originated from the same plant, is green tea’s more oxidised brother. While the green tea is only partially oxidized during the production process, black tea is allowed to oxidize totally and gain the black colour it has. Before being heat-processed and dried, black tea reacts with the oxygen and the plant cells transform from its brown colour into black. The oxidation also changes its flavour giving us an entirely different variety to enjoy.

If you are looking to buy online black tea blends then you need to know about their several varieties. They include Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, Ceylon tea, Kenyan tea, and more. The different varieties of black tea are generally very different in flavour and aroma from its green counterpart. Their flavours are found to be bolder, stronger, and richer. They also have more caffeine content in them when compared to the green tea. Just as their flavour profile is different and unique so are their benefits. Autumnal black tea has numerous health benefits and is a great way to maintain a healthy and hearty lifestyle.

Here are some crucial black tea health benefits that you need to know about.

Prevents Cancer –

More and more studies are being conducted every day to determine the extent of tea’s effect of preventing cancer. It has been found that black tea contains an ingredient known as polyphenols that prevent the formation of carcinogens in your body that are the primary cause of cancer. It also contains a compound called TF-12 that eliminates the cancerous cells without harming the healthy and normal cells in your body. Buy black tea in India and utilize its medicinal properties to prevent many types of cancer including lung cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and more.

Healthy Skin and Lush Hair –

We are always searching for natural remedies to improve our skin and hair. Well, black tea is super effective in improving both. Black tea is jam-packed with critical vitamins and essential minerals that are great for your skin. Equipped with magnesium, zinc, potassium, polyphenols, tannins, vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and more, Black tea nourishes your skin and prevents skin infections and signs of ageing. The caffeine and antioxidants help the black tea to reduce hair fall and make your hair stronger, shinier, and full of lustre. Most online tea store in India avail a large variety of black tea so that you can take your pick.

Improved Oral Health –

Studies have found that black tea prevents the bacteria formation on your teeth that causes cavities and tooth decay. It also reduces plaque formation so that you can get an improved and healthier dental health.

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases –

Regular consumption of black tea can repair numerous coronary artery dysfunctions and protect your body from a number of cardiovascular diseases.

Improves Digestion –

Second flush spring tea has an abundance of tannin and other essential chemicals. They improve your digestive system and relax your body. Their anti-inflammatory features prevent your digestion problems and help you live a healthier life.

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