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  • What is Varicocele and How it is Related to Infertility?

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It is widely known that varicocele is related to infertility. What is varicocele and how is it related to infertility? Varicocele is veins. They resemble and are a lot like the spider veins you see in the hands of some old women, but varicocele is not found in the hands of old women. Varicocele is limited to men. Ordinarily, nobody would mind varicocele since they are in a hidden spot and are usually harmless. Anything that causes infertility is naturally a major human concern, though, and it’s why varicocele is notorious. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of bearable treatments against varicocele.


Varicocele is huge groups of veins on the scrotum. They look like varicose veins. Men develop them before adulthood, and they get worse as men get older. Varicocele is usually more numerous on the left testicle. Varicocele cause an abnormal enlargement in one area of the scrotum, and men who have them feel discomfort that increase throughout the day. Likewise, they feel great relief when lying down. (There are worse conditions that cause swelling and pain in the scrotum, so consult with your doctor before thinking that the cause is a varicocele.) Varicocele feels gross and looks gross. Worse, they may affect your fertility. Varicocele is the leading cause of infertility in men. Nobody knows what causes varicocele, but there are several theories on what could be causing them.

How Varicocele Causes Infertility

Nobody knows how varicocele causes infertility. It’s just that most couples where the men have varicocele are unable to produce an infant. There are a few theories on how varicocele causes infertility. The top theory is that the process has to do with blood flow. Sperm cells survive in warm temperatures. Varicocele is dysfunctional veins that keep the blood from flowing to the testicles, keeping the blood from warming them. There are several other theories on how varicocele causes infertility.

Natural Treatments

Not all men who have varicocele need treatment, but if you experience pain or would like to have a child, home varicocele treatment works. One of the most important parts of natural varicocele treatment is diet. Have a diet that is full of antioxidants and selenium. If a varicocele is in your family, fill the family diet with foods that are rich in these nutrients. They are especially important for teenage boys. For men who have a varicocele, natural treatment must be done before and after medical treatment, and must not be the only treatment done for varicocele. Still, natural varicocele treatment works.

More Natural Treatments

There are several natural treatments for varicocele. The second most important part of natural varicocele treatment is avoiding environmental toxins. Exposure to environmental toxins is said to be one of the possible causes of varicocele. Also, men who have varicocele must not wear boxers. Wearing more supportive underwear that allows a proper temperature of the testicles is a must, especially if you feel pain due to varicocele. You can take herbs like calendula and witch hazel. Unlike calendula, witch hazel must be applied to the affected area. There are even more natural treatments for varicocele such as the taking of health supplements.

When to Have Surgery

If you are an adult who is experiencing pain in the scrotum or want to have children in spite of infertility caused by varicocele, you must get surgical treatment. There are different types of surgical treatments for varicocele. There is a surgical treatment where the doctors open you up to fix the varicocele and the problems they are causing. There are less invasive surgical treatments. One of these surgical treatments involves sealing off the malfunctioning veins to make the blood redirect to the healthy veins. Bringing normal blood flow back to the scrotum may fix infertility. The best treatment for varicocele that causes pain is always surgery.

Nobody knows how varicocele causes infertility, but they are connected to infertility in men. Nobody knows what causes varicocele either, so it’s safe to begin natural treatment early for your sons and nephews if the development of varicocele runs in your family. A varicocele usually does not cause many problems except making your scrotum look weird, but if you are experiencing pain or would like to fix your infertility, have surgery.

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