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  • Causes, Treatment, And Prevention For Spider Veins

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Have you come across small veins under the surface of your skin? That indicates a sign of underlying disease. These are spider veins. They are little thin veins that have different colors and lie right under the skin surface. Its name has been derived from the spider web. This all because that is how they appear. Sometimes you can describe them as marble-like.

The spider veins may appear like the web-like pattern of either red, blue, or purples lines underneath the skin. It may make the skin darken, perhaps will make the patient have aches or burning sensation, especially after standing for a more extended period. For some women, the situation worsens during their menstrual stage.

Anyone can develop spider veins regardless of gender and age. Many people will encounter this health issue. It is a hereditary disease, meaning if your parents and grandparent have had it, there are high chances to develop them too. Also, pregnant women or your job and lifestyle needs a long period of standing. Then it is likely to be a worse experience. It is because it will increase the chances of acquiring the spider veins.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to get rid of the spider veins if you contact them.

What causes spider veins?

The leading cause of the spider veins is the malfunctioning valves. The ones found in the legs, face, and hands are unhealthy valves inside the veins. It allows the blood to flow backward instead of going upwards towards the heart. This backed-up blood may lead to non-functionalities. It then causes the dead ends that will appear below your skin’s surface in the form of spider veins. It is not a reliable feeling to have these kinds of marks on your body. Thus, you need to seek all possible ways on how to get rid of spider veins.

If the valves become weak or get damaged, the blood may have problems flowing in the correct channel. It will eventually cause a pool inside the vein. If the situation takes much more time in that state, it can lead to a bulge in the veins that branches out. It then leads to the existence of spider veins. A situation where the spider veins appear on the face could result from the bursting of tiny blood vessels. Also, the pressure or the damage from the sun can make them develop.

Spider veins treatments

There are different ways on how to get rid of the spider veins. Here is the list of the main types of treatments that will have them clear.

Support stockings

It is the most conservative method to wear a proper-fitting support hose when the veins are painful.

Change of lifestyles

It is important to begin practicing good skin hygiene. Also, it would help if you indulged in walking as it helps treat spider veins naturally.


It is a treatment procedure that has been in existence since the 1930s. It involves using a highly concentrated saline solution or a special detergent injected directly into the body. The aim of this is to make the gradual disappearance of the spider veins. It is a simple procedure that is cheap and can be done in an outpatient setting.


The surgical procedure in the treatment of the spider veins includes ligation and striping. It is the tying of a vein and the removal of the long segment vein consequently.

Radiofrequency occlusion

It is a small catheter that gets inserted into the veins. The main aim is to have the catheter deliver radiofrequency energy to the walls of the vein. It causes heat, collapsing, and then it shuts the seal.

Endovenous laser treatment

It is a procedure through which a tiny laser fiber gets inserted into the vein to collapse. The laser’s light pulse is then delivered inside the vein causing it to collapse.

It is important to note that not everyone with spider veins or varicose veins experiences pain or other symptoms. You may, however, need to have the veins removed for cosmetic reasons.

Prevention of the spider veins

The change in lifestyle and including self-care tips can help you prevent new spider veins from appearing. The practice can also stop the existing ones from getting worse. Some of the precautionary dimensions that you should put into places include:

Wearing sunscreen

The application of sunscreen every day can help prevent the emergence of the spider veins. In particular, when it comes to the face, it is an excellent preventive measure. It is advisable to put on hats and clothing when you are outdoors for an extended period.

Maintain a healthy weight

Ensure to keep fit for health purposes. Exercise will help you maintain your weight. It will help reduce pressure on the veins hence keeps blood flowing well.

Seeing a dermatologist

If you have a skin condition, you need to check a practitioner. It is because this situation increases the chances of spider veins.

Limit alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol can cause flushes in the face and have broken blood vessels for some people.

Elevate your legs

Raise your legs when seated or lying down to prevent a pool of blood downwards in the legs.

Use cover-up products

Is the appearance of your spider vein the primary concern? You can use the cover-up products or leg make up for temporal minimization. For the same role, you could apply the self-tanning effects.


Spider veins are the results of damaged veins or busted blood vessels. Typically, they are painless and do not come with any health hazards. However, for cosmetic purposes, many people wish to treat them. The listed treatment is an excellent example that you should employ. Also, it would help if you practiced the preventive measures.

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