• Does Your Inner Instinct Say to Believe In Astrology?

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It is commonly said that some of fine lines in our hands never get changed and so is our luck. But, how far is this true? Should we really need to incline more towards palmistry or astrology like kundli which is designed according to our birth date, name and place of birth?

It is a known fact that palmistry never decides a fixed destiny for anyone. It is only your character that decides. If your hand is showing some futures trends, then, mind it, it is completely based on behavior, attitude and character of a person. Behavior or a person is directly proportional to his/her future. If the person changes, so does his/her future. If nowadays people believe that palmistry is all about predictions, then, this is only because traditional palmistry was about ancient times and middle ages. Would we in modern generation accept knowledge of Middle Ages in any other field? Of course not!

It’s just someone’s insecurity that makes them craving for reassurance for future. So, be suspicious of any hand reader who promises you about any unchanging future. So, the question is how much accurate is astrology when it is used as a tool to predict future or decision making? The main interesting fact about astrology is that, it tries to understand the destiny of people based on limited data including time of birth, latitude and longitude as well as place of birth. And on the basis of those data, astrologers predicts about illness or difficulty, inability to get married, as well as best time to start business and lots more.

But, destiny is part of our lives that is always predetermined even before our birth. Yes, astrology can be fun to discuss, but, undoubtedly, people love to take it too far in choosing careers, spouse etc. If you really believe in god, surrender to God. Cross checking if what God has stored for us in future is insulting the trust in God. If somebody says that God will be pleased by offering certain poojas, then, sit and ask yourself, whether god is so cheap to ask for bribes? Or as if God has given you bad tomes so that you can pay Him bribes? Before going to astrologer, just ask yourself, “Do I believe in god or should I trust astrologer?”

Especially those who believe in divine power will never get inclined on superstitious things and won’t doubt His strength. Don’t try to manipulate yourself thinking that this divine power can be bribed.

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  1. Brijya

    Great articles on astrology. I also believe in that, but now i understand, it’s also depends on our karma.

  2. Samidha

    I thoroughly agree with the author of this post. Fate or destiny is not created by the lines in the hand. It is created by your attitude, nature and ofcourse Karma. Even the worst fate can be altered through a positive Karma as life is a constant learning process. Thank you for sharing this post.

  3. Site

    Intuition can be either a moment where you instinctively know if something IS right—or isn’t right. It’s our inner voice that “that just knows,” and it does understand what uniquely, sometimes seemingly illogically, will make you happy. It bridges the gap between between instinct and reason, between the conscious and unconscious mind.

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