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It was already said thousands of times; Artificial Intelligence is the main focus when it comes to technology and possibly human evolution entirely so it’s no need to stress again how AI will change the face of services as we know them now. However, it’s just as true that the warnings coming along with AI development are to be taken into consideration. It doesn’t mean that all AI-related researches should be stopped, instead everyone should shift their focus on combining the AI with a feature that can only be found in humans, emotional intelligence (EQ).

What is EQ?

EQ, also referred to as Emotional Intelligence, is a component of the human psychic system that involves two of the most critical abilities a human being possesses. First of all, it gives individuals the ability to understand, control and recognize self-emotions. The second ability is the one of being able to do the same when it comes to other people as well. In other words, the Emotional Intelligence is the human quality that is impossible to be replicated by computers since it isn’t based on an algorithm or a clear pattern.

Why AI + EQ is the Recipe for Success?

Well, because as scary as it may seem to some, the growth of AI is inevitable, and it brings nobody any benefit to eschew or ignore the rise of Artificial Intelligence as well as the benefits it will bring. But where does EQ fit in all this? Simply, whilst AI can take over some of the simplest or repetitive tasks that are now done by human beings, the ones that desire to remain relevant in their domain and thrive will have to focus on enhancing their EQ levels. If you come to think of it, it’s a win-win situation because AI taking over tasks gives humans more time to reflect over their EQ, determining where they stand and, at the same time, you can use the extra time to improve your EQ.

Even without much involvement from Artificial Intelligence, the link between job success and EQ has been proven through a lot of studies that even deemed that EQ is far more important than IQ in most of the situations. Yes, a high IQ makes you smarter and big companies want smart people, but they also want team players, people that can be creative enough to find their way around difficult situations or even know how to pursue other people into facilitating certain services.

ai and eq recipe for success

AI and EQ Recipe for Success

AI without a pinch of EQ can prove to be really unfortunate and it’s enough to look back at the case of Tay.ai chatbot launched by Microsoft last year. Without the EQ component built-in, the chatbot had to be stopped because in a matter of days he was making racist remarks. So, it goes without saying that AI and EQ need to work together in a symbiotic relationship in order for real progress to be made.


It’s unrealistic to think that AI will take over the world and will deem mankind useless, however, building-up your EQ level will definitely ensure your skills and experience remain relevant even in a world that looks a lot different than the one you know now. Using EQ to build better AI and, of course, using the Artificial Intelligence for better results is definitely the way to go.

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