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  • How KAMRA Corneal Inlays Can Help Skilled Professionals

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Understanding KAMRA Corneal Inlays

Before you decide if this is the treatment for you, we should look at what this procedure actually is and who benefits from it.

The KAMRA inlay is a small ring that is inserted into the eye. This is done by making a small flap under the cornea so that the ring is laid under the surface of the cornea, but above the pupil.

The KAMRA inlay is beneficial in treating near-sightedness, or presbyopia, working with the eye to ensure that you can focus properly. This is a very targeted treatment and is designed particularly for this visual condition.

However, your peripheral vision, depth perception, and long-distance vision are unaffected.

Precision Vision for Surgeons and Dentists

Professions that rely on being able to view things of all sizes close up and struggle with presbyopia often see the most beneficial results. Surgeons and dentists, for example, fall into this category.

Being able to see blood vessels, heart chambers, and other organs in the body, as well as filling small cavities in your mouth, takes a lot of focus. You don’t want to be worrying about your glasses falling off or something getting in behind your contact lens during these situations.

The KAMRA inlay gives you the freedom to carry out this delicate work without worrying about anything going wrong with your vision.

Enhanced Visual Acuity for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

To be able to work in either of these professions, you must meet certain physical standards, including having excellent vision.

As the safety of the airport, passengers, and staff is paramount, 20/20 vision is required. This cannot be achieved with the use of glasses or corrective lenses.

Being able to look at small dials, radar displays, and computer screens, and keep your peripheral vision above standard so you can be aware of everything around you, ensures optimal job performance.

The KAMRA inlay provides a corrective to your near-sightedness with a minor surgical procedure and allows you to work and perform confidently in your role.

Optimal Vision for Architects and Designers

Precision fine-line drawings and calculations are crucial in these professions. Indeed, all buildings and other structures that we use daily rely on such calculations to function properly.

Typically, large sheets of bright white paper and dark pencil lines make up the initial phase of planning. This can take a toll on your eyesight, as bright light and small details can strain your vision and worsen near-sightedness.

Corrective lenses and glasses do work to assist your eyes to focus. However, in time, their effectiveness fades, and you have to replace your prescription, costing more money, which adds up over the years.

With this simple and fast procedure, you can correct the issue and get back to work within a matter of a few hours.

Clear Vision for Law Enforcement and Military Professionals

High-impact and fast-moving professions such as law enforcement and the military have many demands. These include everything from being able to move at certain speeds to focusing on the minutest of details. This is why professionals in these areas are required to be physically fit as well as have perfect vision.

In the field, eyeglasses can be a distraction. Reflecting sunlight, slipping glasses due to heat, and glare when you are trying to focus all have a negative impact on your performance.

This simple, fast, and effective procedure will have you back on the job quickly. Or, you may even be able to finally begin your dream career after this vision-correction method.

Enhanced Focus for Teachers and Presenters

Being able to look quickly from a large crowd to your notes on a laptop, or from a room full of children to the screen and carry on teaching, takes skill. Thus, having your vision keep up with such a fast-paced environment is vital.

While you can achieve the same effect with glasses and corrective lenses, you get more stable near-vision with an implant that works with your eye, instead of having to adjust through external lenses.

With no change to your long-distance vision, you can keep watch over the troublemakers at the back of the classroom, while also focusing on the front of the room without noticing any difference.

With some lenses, like bifocals or vary-focals, your eyes can take a few noticeable seconds to adjust. The KAMRA implant, though, helps to negate this issue.

Consultation and Customized Solutions

During your consultation, you can discuss the methods best suited for your particular vision problem. A series of tests are conducted to determine the strength of your vision and what corrective options would work.

KAMRA inlays are the most stable option for near-sightedness. Still, there are some factors to consider. Age is an issue, as this condition typically develops later in life.

So, if you are currently wearing glasses and have done so for an extended period of time, your surgeon will advise on how best to proceed. In such a scenario, the KAMRA inlay is still a viable option and may be recommended.

Your peripheral vision and depth perception will not be affected by this type of surgery, and you may find some improvements. The aftercare is minimal, with no stitches used, and drops are provided to aid the healing process. Thus, you can experience improved vision within just a few hours of the procedure.

Near Vision Never Looked So Good

Near-sightedness is a common complaint and is usually manifested later in life. Nevertheless, this problem can affect anyone at any time.

While glasses and corrective lenses are viable and great choices, if you are looking for a demanding career, or want to pursue activities where your eyes need to focus quickly and see all the finer details, then the KAMRA inlay is the option for you.

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