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  • Why Hire High Friction Surface Treatment Contractors?

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  • Published Date: August 31, 2021
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HFST or high friction surface treatment is one of the latest innovative techniques to safeguard motorists passing through accident-prone areas. Many times, cars, trucks, and other vehicles crash skidding on the road without any mechanical or driving faults. It has been researched and found that the surface of the road gets polished in the areas where almost all drivers become uncontrollable of their vehicle speed even after applying the brakes.

In such cases, the roads can be vulnerable around the curves or at the intersections, or when they have downward slopes. As the roads get polished due to braking, the vehicles most likely skid more in these areas. This mainly happens because of less frictional force between the surface of the road and the tires.

So what is the way out and prevent accidents in such cases? It is time to take the services of high friction surface treatment contractors and rectify roads without further delay. There are multiple benefits of taking their serves for HFST, and it is time to discuss them a bit in detail.

Hiring High Friction Surface Treatment Contractors

The high friction surface treatment contractors apply the epoxy-based chemical n the road using specialized trucks meant for layering the road with HFST. After applying HFST, some aggregate is spread on top of them. A uniformly designed aggregate is layered on the epoxy so that the polished surface becomes rough. In the case of small job work, the process is done manually by the high friction surface treatment contractors whereas extensive work is done taking mechanical help.

The Many Benefits Of HFST

There are multiple benefits of taking the services of any of the best high friction surface treatment contractors apart from making the road anti-skid.

  • With the high friction surface treatment, a long-lasting and durable surface can be got that is cost-effective. HFST can be done with moderate cost, and there is no need to dig out the road or the pavement entirely and redo them. Only the affected surface can be treated to increase the lifecycle of the surface without much expense.
  • The braking distance of any vehicle is considerably reduced as the high friction surface treatment contractors lay the epoxy and the aggregate on the affected area. Again, splash and spray or hydroplaning is also significantly reduced.
  • Applying HFST reduces accidents and fatalities to a much extent, particularly in intersecting areas or at the curves. In addition, the problems on wet roads and pavements are considerably reduced as the primary aim of HFST is to increase friction.
  • Again, the road’s surface and the pavement become skid-resistant, and the vehicles and pedestrians have more road grip even on wet roads. In addition, water on HFST roads and pavements drain out fast, making the surface less dangerous to skid otherwise.
  • The high friction surface treatment contractors can do their job with minimum traffic disruption. Only a single lane of the road needs to be shut down, and that too for few hours only. In addition, the process of doing and settling HFST is relatively fast, unlike the traditional methods.
  • Researchers have put forward that at many places where HFST has been done, accidents have reduced considerably, and at some places, it is an absolute zero. Thus, with HFST contractors, driving on the road has become safer, and the drivers feel more comfortable driving their vehicles on roads where HFST has been done.


Road safety has become a critically important factor with the increase in the number of vehicles and the construction of high-speed highways. This is where hiring the high friction surface treatment contractors comes into the picture. HFST done by a reputed contractor can enhance the anti-skidding properties of the road and help drivers and pedestrians avoid accidents. Therefore, the best contractors should be appointed for this type of treatment.

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