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  • Tata Trucks Vs. Ashok Leyland Trucks Price & Performance Comparison

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In India, trucks are highly used for transporting goods over short or long distances. The big and powerful trucks have been helping the nation to commute journeys taking a heavy load with safety. Also, they are an effective solution to empower the economy of the country. It is the trucks that make the journey on difficult terrains easy for the drivers. Organisations behind these huge and solid structures make them hold tonnes with ease. The most well-established names in this industry are Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland. Both brands are amazing making it hard to choose one. If you are facing this dilemma in Tata and Ashok Leyland truck price, read on to know which one is a better truck brand.

About Tata Trucks

Who doesn’t know about the Tata brand? It is as old as the Indian truck industry. It was 1954 when the successful story of Tata trucks started and since then there’s no looking back. Tata launched Telco, Mercedes Benz diesel truck was their first truck. It has been the quality and trust in the product that made it 3rd leading truck manufacturers of India. Currently, there are many names in the industry such as Mahindra trucks, AMW trucks, Eicher trucks, and others. However, Tata is still a solid brand in the market.

About Ashok Leyland Trucks

Ashok Leyland is India’s second largest vehicle manufacturing company. When it comes to producing trucks, it is the 12th largest truck manufacturing company in the world. Owned by Hinduja group, the first truck of Ashok Leyland was Tusker which was 13-tonne heavy. Ashok Leyland has come up a long way and is giving amazing results in competition with Tata trucks. Interestingly, Ashok Leyland also made marine engines along with producing other engines and spare parts.

Let’s look at more comparisons between the trucks.

Region Specific

India is a big country with a diverse cultural background that also gives rise to different choices. While Tata is a preferred name in upper half of India, South India is majorly influenced by Ashok Leyland trucks. Some of the factors that shape such choices are brand value, customer service, value for resale, and others.


Both brands have different fuel injection system and engine. Cummins engine run Tata trucks that are known for their longer life and trust factor. On the other hand, Ashok Leyland trucks are equipped with inline pumps with Hino technology engine making it a better choice amongst other trucks. Giving better mileage to the drivers, these trucks are easy to maintain too. So, Ashok Leyland dominates!

Easy Service

When it comes to service network of both of these brands, Tata wins. Tata is big as well as a reliable name in India. Finding a Tata dealer or workshop is a really easy task here. Thanks to its widespread network! This makes Tata the first choice over Ashok Leyland as authorized Tata workshops are easy to discover.

Service Centre

Here again, Tata is a winner! The parts of Tata trucks can be easily repaired by the mechanical shops. Also, if you are looking for spare parts for your Tata truck, they are easy to catch in the local market.

Value for Resale

Ashok Leyland trucks can face a hard time when resale is concerned. On the other hand, Tata has an increased value of resale.

Value for Money

Prices for both the brands can differ as per the features of their trucks. Overall, Ashok Leyland trucks prices are somewhere equivalent to the prices of Tata trucks. For example, Tata 4018 price is nearly 20 Lakhs and approximately same sized engine in Ashok Leyland can be purchased in nearly 24 Lakhs. These are heavy trucks with overall 5500 cc engines. Besides, these brands also offer smaller and affordable truck. For instance, Ashok Leyland Dost price starts from 4.7 Lakhs. You can easily grab it.

Every brand follows different tactics and technology to stand apart in this competitive era. Similarly, both Tata and Ashok Leyland trucks have their own advantages and challenges as well. Tata has been the leader of the industry for many years but Ashok Leyland has also marked its presence with new engines. The biggest challenge for Tata is to maintain its reputation and market share. Tata is now planning to revamp its products for faster and efficient driving experience. On the other side, Ashok Leyland has managed to carve a significant position in the market.

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