How to Improve Your Life with the Help of Writing
  • How to Improve Your Life with the Help of Writing

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Writing is not just a necessity when you work or study. There is a good reason why a wide range of calligraphy accounts, as well as those about planners and stationery, are so popular on many social networks. Writing has become extremely trendy because many researchers have proven that you can make your life better with the help of it.

Here, we are going to explain how exactly you can become happier simply by writing things down.

Morning Pages:

Writing morning pages is a powerful tool for dealing with a great number of psychological issues. This exercise is used in a variety of cases. Professional writers and many others scribble such pages in the morning to overcome a creative block. Even if your work doesn’t directly concern arts, you can still use morning pages for this purpose. A lot of professions demand you to be creative because any field needs new ideas daily. You must contribute to different projects, work on your speech writing, or take part in the team brainstorming. If you are out of good ideas, morning pages are exactly what you need.

Don’t think of your aim, just start writing as soon as you wake up, and your thoughts will lead you to the right solution eventually. This may take more than one morning but your mind will get clearer right away. In fact, clearing your mind with morning pages can help you deal with apathy or even depression, too.


Writing down one’s plans takes time. That is why a lot of people who consider themselves to be ‘super busy’, neglect this activity in order to have more time for achieving goals. It never works the way they expect. They forget to do half of work that has to be done. Plus, they feel like they’ve completed nothing. Writing down your plans helps if you happen to get lost in everyday routines. When all your plans are written down, you just don’t have to remember them anymore. It is very important to develop a habit of checking your notes.

Some feel that planning makes them less motivated. That’s because they do it wrong! ‘Complete tomorrow’ means only the things that can’t be postponed. If you write too many due-to-date notes, you’ll feel really disappointed when you fail to meet all of your deadlines. So, your plans for a specific day can only have appointments and other activities that MUST take place according to your schedule. For the things, you want to complete ‘as soon as possible’ or ‘today or else’ create an inbox list of tasks. You can sort them later in accordance with the sphere they are connected to.


Lists are useful for anything. This can be a list of your tasks as mentioned above. A list of guests to be invited to the party. A list of groceries to buy. Shopping lists can, actually, do more than just help you remember what you need. They can also save your money and time. In case you want a shopping list to work that way, you need to make it thoroughly and try not to buy anything that is not on the list. Such lists have a lot to do with menu planning, which is also a type of productive writing.


Somehow, a lot of us think that diaries are only useful for teenagers who only start facing the issues of their inner world. The point is that adults need them for the same reasons. As a matter of fact, it is even harder for adults to admit many psychological issues. This is one of the reasons why grownups need diaries. Another reason is that the more tasks you are to complete during the day, the less mindful and the more anxious you get. As a result, some people feel they can’t concentrate on the simplest of things, others get severe sleeping problems. Writing a diary can help you to calm down and understand yourself better.

Unlike morning pages, writing a diary is a way to analyze your life. Don’t focus only on the negative sides although mentioning them is truly important. Be grateful for what you already have. Every evening, you can take quick notes about whatever good happened to you during the day. You can also write about anything that you are thankful for, like your family, your job, your house, the peaceful sky above you, etc. You may find out that at first, it’s quite hard to indicate what makes you happy, especially if you feel upset most of the time. But soon you’ll get used to it and the good emotions in your life will prevail.

Improving your life is a complicated process where you should touch upon any aspect that bothers you. Writing is an organizing tool and a form of self-therapy that can boost this process to a new unprecedented level.

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