Forget your worries,
Worry not of sin,
Each moment is –
Where your life begins.

Take all you have learned,
Leave the rest behind,
Seek only what–
You wish to find.

Let the past become memory
And the future unknown,
Keep hope in your heart-
And love in your soul.

Pass through like the rains
That renew and release,
Live your truth always-
Be at peace.

Atalina Wright

By Atalina Wright
who is a creative poetess, writer and author living in England. Born in 1979, to an English father and Samoan mother, Atalina draws upon a diverse artistic and spiritual heritage. Atalina’s work creates a visual, meditative and often mystical landscape, reflecting both the individual and collective quest; for inner truth, meaning, freedom and enlightenment. Atalina’s passion for exploration and the creative arts has included drawings, paintings and installation, as well as poetry, prosaic essays and books. Her work has been exhibited and published. The poem “Begin” is an excerpt from her new book “Unbound”.


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