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  • Instagram Marketing and Website Design Should Go Hand in Hand for Brand Success

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When you sit down to ideate about an oncoming web design project, we rarely know when the inspiration is going to hit us. Sometimes we have to go through hundreds of designers’ works and our previous projects in search of the motivation, while at other times we find it waiting for us right around the corner. Similarly, some website designers have found Instagram to be the best source of inspiration for their website designs. This has helped them meet the client expectations and at the same time improve customer satisfaction by introducing intuitive elements in conventional website designs.

What’s the importance of Instagram in today’s marketing efforts?

Instagram is the most popular photo blogging application that people of all ages use all over the world. Almost 500 billion people use the app per day and post over 80,000 different kinds of photos. Among these people are the 70% of US’ entrepreneurs, who swear by the power of Instagram in digital marketing. Now, if you are not using Instagram, you are missing out on all the fun and cash. It is a cost-effective branding cum marketing platform for all businesses old and new. Irrespective of your location, you can create your Instagram Business Account and get started with establishing your loyal followership. If you are still thinking of starting your Instagram campaign, you will need more than the usual SEO boost. It is time for you to buy Instagram followers and likes for a quick acceleration towards market acquisition.

Why integrate Instagram into your website?

Once you start your Instagram marketing campaign, you should think about integrating your website and you photo-blogging media account. Instagram marketing will involve a lot of photos, videos, shares, comments, and stories. If you want to garner the attention of the young adults, do not forget to go live at least once a month with a “behind the scenes” video. This rich collection of media deserves a space that is permanently visible and accessible – your website gallery.

Right now, many website developers and designers are integrating Instagram feed of the sellers with their website profiles or e-commerce sites.

It is just as easy as it sounds and it has several advantages too –

i. You will get fresh content every day thanks to user interactions.
ii. You can share user-generated content that will urge your Instagram followers to visit your site.
iii. If your Instagram feed links to your website directly, your social media profile will feed more traffic to your site.
iv. You will enjoy higher visibility and better conversion rates since the incoming traffic will be relevant to your content, products, and services.

Forget tradition, embrace the Instalookbook

If you do not want to take so much trouble, you can create an IG page that can create a whole website’s worth of content for your brand. To clear the confusion – we are not talking about a new website; we are talking about a new Instagram page that can host all your images, high-resolution photos from shoots, videos about products and reviews, and stories too. This is more of an editorial section for your brand, and you can integrate live links with the image thumbnails.

You can turn this into your dedicated selling page. Just let your users know that it is coupled with shopping links that can take them to the point of purchase directly. Clicking on a thumbnail will display a list of links that will give them an idea about your product inventory, the prices, and the purchasing process. Remember to keep the payment gateway safe. Safety and security are the two most essential elements of UX in website design.

Why is Instagram such a popular design inspiration?

We have thought a lot about the reason Instagram inspired website designs are gaining so much popularity. Responsiveness and intuitiveness have been a part of website design since the era of UX started. Therefore, Instagram is bringing more than that to the plate. That is when we chanced upon the rule of the golden ratio. In simple words, when a side of the rectangle is divided into two parts, the ratio of the longer part and the smaller part is the same as the ratio of the whole length and the longer part. Architectural marvels like the Greek pantheon also exhibit the golden ratio.

Do you know what else adheres to the golden ratio? The mobile Instagram app display. The square image layout, the white area above it and the entire length of the screen (any phone) almost perfectly abide by the golden ratio. Now, we cannot state if that is just another serendipitous coincidence or super intelligent design, but we can surely say that this explains a lot about the mass appeal of the photo blogging platform layout and design.

What’s the takeaway message here?

When we started about Golden Ratio, our intention was not to refresh your geometry but to draw your attention to the fact that website designs can also utilize small aspects of aesthetics like these to appeal to a bigger audience. Over 60% of your website traffic is going to be mobile, so why don’t you take a leaf out of Instagram’s glorious history and start your website design from the basics of responsive coding. Keeping your native site responsive, retina ready and easy to explore is going to work wonders for your user experience (UX).

Instagram has millions of brands on board. Right now, vying for visibility on Instagram is like looking for a unicorn. Nonetheless, Instagram integration with your website is a new technique, and it will give you new audience from search engines as well as the photo blogging platform. This is a fine way to bypass the Instagram for Business allied expenses and carve your niche within a defined budget.

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