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  • 3 Popular Sports and Effective Beauty Remedies for Sportspersons

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Do you consider yourself fit? Is your skin as healthy as your body?

Staying fit and healthy requires more efforts than you can imagine. Getting those six-pack abs or being able to run for several hours need stamina, determination and strength, which can be earned with practice and substantial efforts.

Taking care of one’s skin is a tedious task because of constant remedies and precautions. If keeping the skin soft and smooth is difficult for a common person, think about the individuals who have dedicated their lives to sports. Quite a handful, right?

Read on to know about some beauty remedies for different sports person:

1. Athletes

The primary concern for professional athletes is sun damage. They practice under the sun for several hours every day which makes it impossible for them to avoid any kind of sun damage. Although they sweat excessively which exfoliates their skin and enables waste to pour out from their skin, it also restricts the cosmetics that they can use. The remedy is none other than the frequent use of waterproof sunscreen. Why frequent may you ask? The sweat will also wash off the sunscreen from their skin, so regular use is necessary. They should prefer braids to avoid any damage to their hair. They can also make use of tinted moisturiser, as it contains sunscreen, hydrates the skin and ensures even skin tone.

beauty tips for athletes

Beauty Tips for Athletes

2. Swimmers

Swimming in chlorine-treated water can damage the skin and hair immensely. Professional swimmers face this issue every day of their lives. Acne, frizzy hair, hair fall and dry skin are common consequences of exposure to pool water. In addition to this, the water is quite dirty because they are not the only one using it. All this and more wipe away the moisture and shine from the skin and hair. However, don’t worry!

There are numerous solutions to prevent any skin or hair damage, such as:

  • Skin oil and sunscreen

If the skin is getting exposed to both, chlorine water and sunlight, then they should prefer sunscreen prior to entering the pool, while if it is an indoor pool, then they should prefer skin oil instead.

  • Hair oil and conditioner

Similarly, hair oil and conditioner safeguards the hair from any damage from chlorine water and the sun.

  • Shower

Cleansing the skin and hair with lukewarm water before and after the practice is necessary to ensure they stay clean and their quality remains intact. So, they should not forget to shower!

  • Moisturiser

After the practice session, they should apply moisturiser all over the skin to keep it soft and smooth. This will also cure all the damage caused by the chlorine water.

beauty tips for swimmers

Beauty Tips for Swimmers

3. Skydivers

Skydiving is an extreme sport which affects the skin and hair severely. Dust, sunburn, dryness, heatstroke, bruising, scraping and sweating are the most expected consequences of skydiving.

The following are some skin and hair remedies for the same:

  • Skin lotion – Prefer a skin cream which contains sunscreen, moisturiser, cleanser and a compound which can even up the skin tone (cosmetics).
  • Hair oil – Covering the hair is the best possible solution to protect the hair. Anyhow, they can also use hair oil to avoid any damage to the hair.

They should try to cover as many body parts as they can!

beauty tips for skydivers

Beauty Tips for Skydivers

Take special care in choosing the right cosmetics and methods to make sure your skin and hair stay pretty, shiny and healthy at all times.

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