9 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017
  • 9 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

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Digital marketing is defined as the promotion of products, services, or brands with the use of an electronic media. It differs from traditional marketing and uses various channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand if it is working or not – typically in its real time.

Here, we’ll highlight the latest digital marketing trends that will rule in 2017 according to the leading digital marketers of the industry.

1. Immerse Marketing

The content marketing has always been a mixed bag. Where it is giving consumers informative and entertaining content, a lot of rushed content has also been publishing in the race to expand content volumes. Such competition has made market leaders and innovators to put thought and look for new ways to engage their audience. And eventually, development in various technologies are helping to drive this phenomenon.

For this, Facebook and YouTube both have introduced 360 degree video, which many brands have already started experimenting for an innovative and interesting experience. There are many interesting and interactive campaigns on Snapchat and Instagram being an absolute route with sponsored filters and much more.

2. Live Videos

Suddenly, live videos have become the most interesting, favorite, and new shiny thing on the internet. Almost every platform including Twitter (via Periscope), Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram all have release live videos for its users.

Most of these channels are promoting their live videos heavily that it seems something what helps brands stand out in the crowded world of content.

A lately example of Buzzfeed’s live stream where two people try to explode a watermelon with the use of a rubber band. This video had a total of 11 million views.

3. Increased Personalization

Big data has been around for a few years, and is increasingly being used widely. Where it has a variety of uses, one of them is personalized marketing experience and marketing. The personalization of big websites like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify show how data is used to improve customer experience. As brands weigh opportunity and cost, this level of one-to-one marketing becomes more prevalent.

4. Native Advertising

If native marketing is an old method, market forces should increase their prominence. The diminishing penetration of various ads through ad blockers, decline of banner ads, reduced social media organic reach will observe an increase of native advertising.

For instance, The Guardian Newspaper have recently updated its platform for native advertising to help brands find a home for their content.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to get engaged with audiences and encourage advocacy. Studies on social media statistics show a continuous growth in social media networks on overall while some social networks have reduced popularity in a few countries. Like, Twitter and Facebook are in decline in many countries while Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are still growing in their usage particularly.

Social networks themselves often make efforts to control the social media trends for monetization. In particular, many platforms like Facebook and Instagram make such changes that business now are required to “pay to play.” In this way, they continue to innovate in remarketing options and targeting, and also get the reach that needed to have an impact.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is one of the most commonly discussed trend that circles this year. Basically, it is a system of interrelated computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, animals or people, and objects which are provided with some unique identifiers to transfer data over a network without requiring any interaction of human-to-human or human-to-computer.

The Internet of things have some exciting uses. Where many industries are expecting a lot of value from it, it is a slow crawl for many. Developments will get into our lives slowly but it seems people are less patient. In addition, it is also expected that there will be 75 billion connected devices available by 2020, which means there will be ten times more devices to talk to one another as compared to people on the earth. All such sharing of data depends upon the way we live our lives.

7. Mobile Marketing

It is seen that many companies have adopted mobile responsive web designs and email templates to increase the opportunities to grow. Also, a few researches show that retail conversion rates are significantly low on smartphones so there is more work needed to be done for the optimization of conversion on mobile.

While Google follows it “mobile first mantra” vigorously, it has a large impact on search marketing. However, it sounds somewhat misleading because many web users are still using laptops, desktops, and tablet devices. There is also a danger with mobile responsive designs that conversions on high resolutions screens may fall if mobile device got optimized. Despite of that, many leading companies rely on adaptive mobile design approaches that have the benefit of serving more relevant and contextual content as well as CTAs for users and reducing load times.

8. Wearables

While the tech is improving, the prices will go down and ultimately people will embrace wearable more. Wearables like activity trackers, Apple Watch, augmented reality are some of the consumer consumable commodities; and the usage of which will continue to rise.

9. Marketing Automation

Likewise content marketing, marketing automation has also been in the top 3 for the past 5 years, while many business still have the potential to improve their automation. While getting helped with the knowledge, the most commonly asked questions like “where to start” and “how to get the next level” were answered with a free interactive capability review to score the use of email marketing automation.

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