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If you’re looking for quality wedding rings, one of the top recommendations you will get is to go for platinum rings. This is because there are many commendable qualities possessed by this precious metal that makes it an ideal material for luxury jewelry that can last for generations.

First developed in the late 1700s for royals, platinum engagement and wedding rings continue to be associated with luxury and exceptional quality. Platinum, a metal fit for kings, is among the choicest materials for wedding bands and rings as it is a durable precious metal that is resistant to tarnish and damage caused by chemical exposure. This high density precious metal is also very malleable, which makes it ideal for jewelry that requires intricate filigree work.

However, because of its rarity and enduring qualities, platinum is more costly when compared to the other precious metals. In fact, this metal is many times rarer than gold, which accounts for its steep price. The value of platinum jewelry will also vary because of the volatile nature of its price, so it can range from as much as $700 an ounce to over $2,000 per ounce. Hence, when shopping for platinum wedding rings to envy, make sure that you make informed decisions on platinum labels and grades, among others.

What are Platinum Labels?

Products marketed as platinum are labelled according to the percentage of the platinum weight it contains. For example, PT850 or 850 Plat. indicates that the piece has 85% pure platinum and 15% platinum group or base metals. The letters designate the item as platinum and the numbers refer to how many parts out of a thousand are pure platinum by weight.

It is important that platinum jewelry should be properly labelled in order for the consumer to know how much platinum is contained in a particular piece. If a jewelry is not labelled “Platinum,” “Plat.,” or “Pt.,” then that item contains less than 50% pure platinum and thus should not be sold as platinum.

The labels are usually engraved inside the ring’s band. Find this hallmark that indicates the platinum purity in order to determine if your jewelry is truly made of platinum. You may want to use a magnifying glass to locate this very fine engraving. According to jewelers, the best one for wedding bands is labelled PL950. Anything lesser than this will not be as durable or as resistant to wear and tear.

Platinum Wedding Ring Grades

When buying platinum jewelry, aside from the label, always ask about what type of metal alloy it contains. Platinum jewelry is rarely 100% pure platinum. Usually, platinum is mixed with similar/platinum group metals (such as ruthenium and iridium) or base metals (such as copper or cobalt). The most common platinum grades used in wedding rings are PL950/Iridium, PL950/Ruthenium, and PL950/Cobalt.

While PL950/Ruthenium can be almost scratch-resistant and considered a durable grade, PL950/Cobalt is better recommended. Indeed, PL950/Cobalt is considered the best platinum grade for wedding bands and is known as the highest quality of platinum alloy. Don’t forget to ask for a certificate that states the grade of the platinum ring and what metal it has been alloyed with.

More Shopping Tips for Platinum Rings

If you really want to buy platinum jewelry, aside from checking the label and the grade, you also need to check if the item is hypoallergenic. Although Cobalt alloys may cause allergic reactions, PT950/Cobalt rarely result in such.

Also, since platinum can be costly to resize or repair, you might want to take two ring finger measurements before you make your purchase.

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