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  • Learn More about Yellow, White, & Rose Gold for Men’s Wedding Bands: A Comparative Estimate

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In modern times, jewelers are lucky to have access to incredible designs and an amazing variety of metals that come in an array of fascinating colors. Even though options such as tungsten, titanium, palladium, and platinum are quite popular, gold still seems to be a fashionable choice.

Choosing a wedding band is surely an overwhelming task. It could be of great help if you knew the basic differences between white, yellow, and rose gold wedding bands while choosing the right metal for the wedding band which is the ultimate symbol of your love and dedication to your life partner.

Here is a comparative estimate of three different types of gold for designing your wedding band. Once you know the striking features and the differences clearly, you should be able to make an informed decision.

Yellow Gold

yellow gold wedding bands mens

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands Men’s

Yellow gold wedding bands are the most common and popular ones. But if you were thinking that yellow gold means pure gold, then you are mistaken. Yellow gold that is being used usually for wedding bands is actually an alloy made by the combination of pure gold with copper and zinc. The higher carat gold implies higher proportion of pure gold in the mix. However, the purer the gold, the more delicate or less durable it is.

As such, 14k and 18k gold are just right for making men’s wedding bands from the durability and aesthetic points of view. Yellow gold looks best when contrasted with darker skin tones while rose gold and white gold actually look good on all skin tones but look best on fair skin. High-Karat yellow gold could easily be dented and scratched, unlike rose gold or white gold. Yellow gold requires being polished and cleaned on a regular basis. However, yellow gold is best for both vintage-inspired and modern designs in wedding bands and other jewelry.

Yellow gold is the hot favorite choice of jewelers as it is supposed to be the most malleable metal and easiest for jewelers to effectively manipulate. Yellow gold could be a nice option for rings that require resizing at any later date.

Rose Gold

rose gold wedding bands mens

Rose Gold Wedding Bands Men’s

Rose gold was quite popular in Russia during the nineteenth century and so it was referred to as the Russian gold as well. Rose gold is as popular as the other two types of gold for making wedding bands. Rose gold wedding bands are just right for people who want a wedding band with a soft romantic feel. Rose gold is used in fascinating vintage-inspired wedding bands. It could be cleverly combined with yellow and white gold for multi-colored designs that are pretty artistic and appealing to the eye. Rose gold is by far the most robust among the three types of gold. The copper content of the alloy makes it the sturdiest among others. Rose gold jewelry is suitable for all skin tones but looks amazing against pale skin tome.

White Gold

white gold wedding bands mens

White Gold Wedding Bands Men’s

White gold is basically an alloy of gold and any of these white metals such as manganese, nickel, and palladium. White gold men’s wedding bands often contain nickel. If you are fascinated by platinum but simply cannot afford it, you could safely choose white gold as a brilliant alternative.

White gold is robust and certainly less susceptible to denting and scratching. White gold jewelry requires heavy maintenance, regular cleaning, and polishing as well. The nickel content in white gold could cause allergic reactions in certain skin types. White gold boasts of a chic and sophisticated glow and complements rosy and fair skin tones.


You have now got a clear picture of which gold is right for which skin tone. Moreover, you are now, aware of the pros and cons of the three different types of gold. Choose the one that suits your skin tone, budget, personality, and preferences.

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