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  • Taj Mahal: Visitor’s Experience With the Perspective of Historical Place

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History never really says goodbye the more you are aware about history the better one can achieve in the future the person who is unaware about history is like a tree without its roots… History in itself has its own significance. History make us better thinkers and leaves a satisfying effect.

It was a boring weekend we were having nothing except for sitting idle but then suddenly my father came and shouted get up you lazy girl we are going to Agra for one day just go and pack your things we have to leave in one hour. I was so enthralled. I found myself like a dog having two tails, my happiness knew no bound.

Everyone has reasons to travel, some travel for fun ,some for work in-fact there are some people who have wanderlust traveling is just the way of life… My reason was that it provides me a ray of satisfaction I simply enjoy traveling that’s why when thing comes to travel, I found myself having a whale of time.

Agra is one of the most beautiful city in India it is a must visit city it provides a glimpse of Mughal architecture things of beauty is joy forever said the great poet when we reached Agra after five hours I could see the monument my eyes wide open I stood breathless I could not move my eyes from Taj Mahal, the best destination in India. Visiting Taj was a dream of mine ever since I was small and a little girl being of Indian descent and believer in fairy tale love the story of the worlds most iconic tribute captured my vision the immense beauty and brightness of Taj Mahal is enough to leave anyone breathless standing in front of Taj with my family completely solidified my belief that true love can make you move mountains. The monument was awe inspiring and showed true power of love the magical allure of Taj mahal attracted people from all over the world like moths to wondrous flame when I went further I noticed a huge red colour gateway it was made up of pure red stone there ticket counter was there I noticed many people pouring in and all of them who were coming back were appreciating and admiring Taj this aroused my excitement when dad came with tickets I was so delighted I found myself on cloud nine my happiness knew no bound when we went inside we started taking some photographs as a picture is worth a thousand words but the memories are priceless I started gazing in wonder at the majestic dome and elegant gardens I could not swallow how beautiful the Taj is I was tickled pink by the beauty of Taj I was amazed due to happiness there were fountains between the streams there were flowers and plants that bloomed beautifully I was enjoying my own company I did not bothered about my parents I was loving those moments when we went upstairs where Taj was there we are asked to remove our shoes and wear polythene footwear so as to prevent the floor from becoming dirty I was impressed by the action of the authority when I went further there was a time when I was dejected I saw something as miserable as sin people the wrote their lovers name on the walls of Taj they have taken out stones from the walls I was broken to see that Taj was a symbol of love but that does not mean that people will write their lovers name so as to dedicate the monument to their beloveds they should show some courtesy and respect towards pride of the nation.

Everybody will understand how beautiful it is but no one understand how difficult was it to be built how much struggle was there how many tears had shed off I was disappointed but then I let it go and then we went inside the Taj it was in the shape of octagon and beautiful patterns were made inside both of the cenatophes were so beautiful and elegant it looked alluring.

Pollution in India is a major problem which needs proper attention and care the Taj is turning yellow due to the air pollution environmental neglect and wear and tear caused by the millions of people I was sad and happy too sad because of mismanagement of the monument and happy because I enjoyed a lot ,after spending 3 hours in the paradise it was time for us to go back yes time waits for none good time never lasts luck always ends and time runs out the best things in the life are spending time with best people visiting beautiful places and making loads of memories so I had spent time with my family which is loved by me I have visited Taj most beautiful of all and made loads of memories which will always make me happy.

It will be interesting to know that the culture of history is not only followed in India, but it is followed in other parts of the country too. The rest of the world not only appreciates this, but also respects it too. Everybody knows about great wall of china I have not visited it, but heard lots about it its an amazing place to visit the scenery from the great wall is awe inspiring and breathtaking. In Egypt pyramids are attractive and one of the best destination in Egypt, they are 500 years old they can not be appreciated with words, photographs don’t do justice to them.

Taking the example of China and Egypt I want to reflect that the other countries too respects the tradition of historical culture they admire it, in fact, I want to stress upon the fact that only these old monuments help in increasing tourism.

Today India is not known because of any person or political action its known because of startling monuments today India is famous because of these monuments therefore its very essential that history should be remained alive and should be given equal importance.

We should be proud of history and its very important for us to preserve it historic culture needs attention and preservation because they are the environments in which generations before us lived by respecting historic culture one can pay tribute to those who saved our country.

I hope I am able to convey my message that history needs respect it needs attention one should love it and feel proud…

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