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Cuff links are a perfect display of personal elegance and power as well as the prestige that one gives to himself. They were built on ancient France for binding the cuffs of heavy dresses that royals used to wear. Gradually till today, designs have evolved that go from a USB cuff link to a cuff link with embedded stones.


It is important that one chooses an appropriate sort of cuff link according to the Custom shirts or suit that he is wearing. This simply signals people around you the power you have.

The field of business in which you are working also, to some extent, determines what genre of cuff links you should wear. You need to see what sort of business you are in and what your designation is. When you are at a higher managerial post, you need to wear a range of cuff links that simply signal off the power and authority you have over your sub ordinates. At meetings, it is important that you wear a pair of cuff links that reflect your prestige and professionalism.


A way by which a company/entity’s worth is judged is by observing its employees. For a person in a business that has to maintain a lot of interactions with its stakeholders, smart and somewhat stylish cuff links should be used that impose an everlasting fascinating impression of the company. This is important since the personality of an employee will give a direct impression about the company. Also it reflects the attention, priority and importance that one gives to the details of his job and company.


When it comes to dealing with multi-national companies’ annual conferences, dinners and meetings, formal and unique cuff links should be wore. These will get you an elegant look that simply will be a symbol of your high reputation as well as the royalness of your entity.


When there are one-to-one business meetings that involve a manager-employee discussion or a seller-client discussion, a pair of formal regular cuff links can be perfect since the little details of your outfit can get you the professional look required to get certain circumstances worked out.

When you are at high positions like being a director or an executive officer, a large variety of quality cuff links are required that help maintain your outfit according to your designation and reputation. No doubt that cuff links are not an important part of basic out look of your attire but these tiny details make huge differences.

By Emma Jenifer
who has attached with Custom Stitchers for writing their guest posts. She has obtained her literature degree from University of Toronto. She loves to travel and give attention to quality music and trying to be a good vocalist along with her writing skills.


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