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While Leo’s year might come and go away, the sun will never turn away from the Leo ladies. Leo is a passionate fire Zodiac sign, and the “lions” are traditionally born between July 23 and August 22. And although the year may have turned a hard time for some people born under this sign, it wasn’t so much difficult for our wonderful Leo girls.

It is widely known that Leo females are firm leaders with a really soft inner nature. She may appear a ferocious lioness on the outside, but her inner gentleness is still there. Those women are a unique combination of powerful but delicate, brave but cautious, and mysterious yet predictable. You may know some famous women born under this Zodiac sign, like Whitney Houston, Monica Lewinsky, Jacqueline Kennedy and J.K. Rowling.

Maybe you’ll choose to unquestioningly follow the lead of these fiery lionesses. Or you can try to tame the flaming natures. In any case, you’d better be extremely courteous and polite when attempting to change her mind over some things. If there’s already a Leo woman among your friends or you’d prefer to meet and date one –

here are some essential things to remember about those girls:

1. Leo women are the ones at the lead

Are Leo women a little bossy and even dictatorial? Well, partly it is about them. Females born in this time of the year are truly fearless. They approach even the toughest situations head-on and are ready for anything. When they’re in a company of hesitant people, they usually take the initiative and lead everyone else through all the difficulties. They are the true leaders of their pride. They deal with anything that comes on their way – whether it is about planning a big important event, handling the bill at a restaurant, or convincing people to do what needs to be done.

2. As they are always in the spotlight

Leo girls are the decision makers always looking for approval. At the same time, they’re often there waiting for the praise. Those females know for sure how to bring people together. And while they enjoy being in big groups of people, they value staying on your own sometimes. They are immensely sensitive about not making people feel lonely, but they also prefer to have some time to be alone with their thoughts. Those women look like real lionesses if they have big haircuts, colorful outfits and glowing jewelry that make them stand out from the crowd. Leo females often spend a lot of time and money on their appearance to fit their Zodiac sign.

3. Leo women are madly romantic and sexy

If you wonder what do Leo women like, you’d better give her some freedom and she’ll show you all sides of her personality. She wants to explore everything that concrete jungle has to offer, but eventually wants to settle down somewhere. They adore being adventurous and live life to the fullest.

Regarding Leo women in bed, their sex drive is strong, and they wish to try almost anything. Furthermore, they usually don’t shy away from telling all friends about their sex adventures, although you may prefer to keep some secrets in your bedroom. Those ladies can sometimes be a bit shady, but they’d never hurt their loved ones.

Talking about Leo women in bed, you have to know they are real sex goddesses. They literally ride the wild rollercoasters of passion. Are Leo women good in bed? Indeed! Leo females flourish with passion, but it may be hard to find a guy who can handle it.

4. Leo women are straight forward

You may be the best match for Leo women, but you can’t escape an argument if she’s already prepared for it. She always has her opinion and will make you hear it out. She will never hold back and is always aware of what she wants out of life. Then she’ll go right for it. No one can possibly stand between her and her goals.

5. Leo women are highly sensitive

Lionesses are emotional women whose subtle nature can be easily hurt. They literally thrive on complements. And sometimes their extreme outer confidence can be masking inner insecurity. If a Leo woman won’t show her vulnerable sides, people around will perceive her as confrontational and offensive.

She’s also very sensitive to the loved ones. She can be easily affected by surrounding emotions and often try to improve others’ mood, even if it will cost her own. She takes her time to process feelings before reacting. There is a time and place for her lioness nature to break out. But everyone really loves that kindness and softness of a home kitty.

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