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  • Will Your Ex Boyfriend Come Back To You?

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Going through a break-up, for most, is never an easy experience. Depending on how long you have been together, sometimes it’s the best thing to happen to you and sometimes it can feel like the worst. However, sometimes there is a third scenario where your ex does come back to you.

If you haven’t already spoken to them or they haven’t mentioned it directly, when deciding whether your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will come back to you, the answer lies in a very simple clue – your gut.

It all boils down to being mindful and listening to your gut, and we will tell you signs that would indicate if your ex will come back or not.

How To Listen To Your Gut Instinct

For some, listening to their gut comes as second nature, it is an easy thing to do especially if practice it. There are a few things to keep a keen eye on. According to this psychology online article, there are a few things you can do to listen to your gut, click here for further information about this.

We have simplified it for you:

Be Curious

When you listen to the thoughts in your mind and think about the facts. Think about the pros and cons of the choice you need to make. Consider the options of the situation and don’t just go with a yes or no answer. IN a situation regarding a relationship, ask yourself a few simple questions such as:

  • How do you feel about the relationship now that you’ve broken up?
  • What makes you think he or she will come back?
  • Are they genuinely sorry for what they did or just desperate for some company?
  • Do they want to come back or is it just for the physical attraction?
  • How would you feel if they came back and things went back to the way they were?
  • Should you give each other some space first?
energy meditation

Energy Meditation

Clear Your Mind

Mind exercises, such as meditation and breathing techniques can help tremendously to put you in the right headspace to be able to hear your thoughts and know your ‘gut feelings. It begins with strengthening your intuition, as mentioned in this post here: and spending time in silence is key to improving this.

Signs Your Ex May Come Back

Both men and women behave differently in relationships. Although when behaviors change for the worse, thanks to dating websites and apps, people can break up and move on a lot easier when they have other options at hand.

When it comes to women, there a few reasons why they would break up with the boyfriend and it could be anything from her feeling more mature than him, she can’t see herself with him for the long run (marrying and having kids), she realized he is not a good person and moved on, the spark isn’t there anymore, or she feels more accomplished than him.

For a woman the signs she will go back include:

  • She hasn’t ended things on all platforms such as social media
  • Her posts are almost always sad and emotional
  • She is jealous he may find someone else
  • She misses him and keeps the communication going
  • She finds the smallest excuses to meet you
  • She over exaggerates how happy she is

With men its slightly different:

  • He would be quiet for the first few days then start chatting again
  • He found himself a rebound girlfriend immediately which he knows is just a fling
  • He hasn’t picked up his belongings yet
  • You have moved on but he hasn’t
  • He finds excuses to see you or contact you

How To Know He Will Never Come Back

The opposite of everything on the list of men above are tell-tale signs he will never come back especially if he has stopped contacting you or has taken all his things back and moved on with his life, job, friends, and even perhaps another person. However, those who date someone after a long break may never go back to their old relationship.

Another way of telling is when you message him and are being nice, but he isn’t. When he is cold and aloof in his replies, the best thing to do is stop messaging, you will only be wasting your time, and look desperate. Not a good look. When he stops contacting you and you keep finding ways to do so, know that it becomes a one-sided affair.

boyfriend and girlfriend break up

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Break Up

Some men also get emotionally hurt in breakups and the difference between them and women is, they handle things differently, depending on the type of person they are. Some let it go and start their own life over again, going out with friends, meeting new people. While others moan and sob for weeks, the latter may be a sign that he still misses you, however, this may also be a passing phase.

Always make sure in your gut, and the bigger picture, that if you do want your ex back, that you have thought about it properly, keeping your emotions aside and being rational about it, you don’t want to end up in a relationship with them again only to break up again and suffer heartache a second time. No one wants to get duped twice in a row.

It can play havoc on your future relationships because you may never see relationships the same again and you will only be taking your past baggage into any new one you get into.

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