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  • Top 7 Authentic Vastu Tips for Designing a Pooja Room in Your Home

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Whether your home is a bungalow, an apartment, or a small studio, you will likely dedicate some space to create a place of worship or a pooja room. A pooja room is not a décor; it is an essential sanctuary where family membersbond with each other in prayer. It is a source of positivity for your household. When creating a pooja room for your home, it is essential to consult the ancient rules of Vastu to ensure that your home resonates with positivity.

Authentic Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

Designing and structuring your pooja room may seem simple, but it is essential to pay attention to details. It is best to consider some Vastu tips before starting work on the pooja room in your home.

Wall & Floor Colours of Pooja Room

Choose your pooja room’s wall and floor colours with extra care. Opting for a light colour palette with soothing shades of pink, yellow, light blue, and white creates a calming effect in the room. Combine the light-coloured theme with marble flooring or countertop for the idols. The smooth marble helps create a meditative energy in the room. Explore different marble pooja room designs to find one that fits your space and budget.

Ideal Pooja Room Direction as per Vastu

Consider this Vastu tip for the pooja room before you decide on the placement of the temple in your home. Always place your pooja room in the northeast direction. If the northeast is not possible, choose either north or east. West is allowed to some extent, but you should avoid placing the pooja room to the south of your home. According to Vastu, the mandir should never be placed beneath a staircase or against a bathroom wall.

Pooja Room Storage according to Vastu

Avoid doubling the pooja room as a storage space. Declutter your pooja room to make space for positive vibes. Arrange for a small storage solution to keep pooja essentials such as malas, religious books, decorations, and lamps.Place the storage space southeast or west of the puja room. Vastu says there should be no storage above or over the mandir.

Decide the Level of the Puja Room

If you have a multi-storey home, consider the pooja room location as per Vastu and the floor on which you would like to place the puja room. Vastu advises that the puja room should not be in the basement or upper floors. Keeping the room on the ground level allows worshippers to connect with the earth as they pray.

Importance of Lighting in the Puja Room Vastu

Ensure a suitable inlet for natural light and fresh air during the day and a bright ensemble of lights for illumination at night. Apart from wickerlamps like traditional diyas, remember to install good quality lights that help brighten the area. Placing diyas in the northeast direction, preferably near a window, is also considered auspicious.

Placing the Idols in the Pooja Room

In any pooja room, the most significant aspect is the idols, their position, and the positioning of the accessories around them. Vastu experts recommend placing deity idolsa few inches away from the walls and at least six inches above the ground. The idols should not face each other or the door. Also, do not include paintings that depict violence or pictures of deceased family members in the pooja room.

Vastu for Pooja Room Doors

According to Vastu science, pooja rooms should always be constructed with doors. If a door is not possible, you can place a beautiful curtain to cover the entrance to your pooja room when you are not praying. Also, remember to add a raised threshold to your pooja room’s door. It helps keep away pests and dirt.

Following the science of Vastu when establishing a home ensures that your home is functional and has the proper flow of energy. Your pooja room plays an essential part here. The ideal pooja room is where the entire family can find peace and serenity in prayer. There are several other details that Vastu specifies for building the perfect pooja room. However, if you follow the tips given above, you will have the best location and pooja room position as per Vastu.

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