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  • Ways the Current Education System Can Be Improved Easily

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Education has an important role in every one’s life. The basic purpose of education is not to score high grades in exams, but to create fourfold development within the behavior pattern of individuals. We all know that the future and development of a country is mainly depending upon the educated citizens. Achieving professional degree is not possible to every person because of some particular situations, still, basic education is essential for individuals to survive. One can see that basic education in each and every nation mainly aims to make the people self sufficient in reading and writing. But there is a need of some improvement because the future of a country mainly depends upon educated mass. So, it is important to provide value based education.

There are certain ways to improve the current education system and some of the ways are indicated and discussed below.

1. More Focus on Rural Education

Comparing with the civilized urban children, the rural children have less chance to gain access to value education. There are many causes for this problem, including financial instability. So, it is important to focus more on rural education. Implementing many schemes for focusing on rural children will enhance the education in rural areas. For example, meals for the poor children, free books etc. It is also important to assure qualified and experienced teachers in rural areas.

2. Skill Based Learning

It is important to provide skill based learning for the children. It will also help to recognize the interested areas of the students. It also helps them in future to gain the opportunity to have a job according to their interest. For example, mobile repairing will help the interested students in mobile engineering courses or he/she can start a new store related to mobile repairing, in future years. Skill based learning will help the students to become self sufficient. So, skill based learning is important in today’s world.

3. Basic Computer Skill Classes

This is the epoch of information technology. So, it is important to provide computer based skills along with class based education. Today, education is incomplete without computer skills. For example, accounts, office jobs, teaching etc. So, the computer skill helps a person in his/her upcoming future. The computer skills along with the class study will not consume more time.

4. Quality Training for Teachers

Already there are many training programs for teachers. But there is a need of quality based training programs for teachers. For quality based training, there need to formulate a good curriculum for teachers. The uniformity in training will arise the standard of learning and quality in all over the country. The uniformity in teachers’ training will provide equal quality based education for all students including children in rural areas. The well trained teachers can help students for easy learning. Because of the training, they can provide much better education for all children.

5. Grand and Subsidies for Professional Course

There are many schemes and scholarships for academically forward and educationally backward children. But along with this, providing grand and subsidies for the children for professional courses will help students to come forward to create a better society. It also helps the financially backward children to make a better life. For instance, students from families with poor economic background may face certain problems related to learning. The subsidies also provide inspiration for the students to choose a professional course without any fear. The grand helps students leaving the studies in between because of some personal problems.

6. Education Related to Health

The important area that needs more attention is health based education. For example, yoga, swimming etc. can boost up the morale and self-confidence among the children. Class based education related to health awareness will help the students to improve the quality of mind and physique. It is proved that yoga and extracurricular activities like swimming, indoor games, etc., will enhance the quality of education. So, it is important to give importance to health based education.

7. E-libraries

Introducing e- libraries will help the current education to improve very much. The e- libraries help the students to access the needy books and materials at any time. There is no need to worry about time and place in the case of e- libraries. Besides, it helps the students to update knowledge than other medium of reading. So, it is important to introduce e- libraries will help to improve the educational system.

8. Establishing Smart Class

establishing smart classes

Establishing Smart Class

Most of the modern educational institutions eagerly follow the idea of smart class. But there is a need to take steps to encourage all the educational institutions to follow this idea. With the help of different multimedia concept, videos and audios, it is easier to help the students to learn fast. Studies with the help of videos will strike memory of the students, and it make the studies easy for them too.

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