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  • When to File for Personal Injury Claims?

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Emerging from a bad car accident can be taxing – both physically and mentally. Add to it the financial drain, and a person can turn to be a complete wreck if he/ she doesn’t get the needed assistance on time. While physical recuperation and mental recovery can be handled, it is also vital to aim for financial assistance in the form of timely claim processing.

A majority of the Chicago personal injury attorneys would recommend following the specific laws laid down by the state of Illinois. You need to file for the claim within two years of the mishap. As per Illinois’ laws, your ability to extract compensation goes down significantly if you don’t file for the claim within the prescribed time limit.

Chicago personal injury attorneys also recommend going through this important information in order to secure maximum likelihood of getting a claim for a personal injury.

1. What are Illinois’ stipulations on raising personal injury cases?

Car accidents come under the statute of limitation which prevents a person to bring a claim too late after the accident. If you are planning to sue for negligence for personal injuries that occurred during an accident, then you have 2 years to file a case. The same limit holds if you plan to use for medical malpractice occurred when treating for injuries arising out of the accident.

2. What are some exceptions to the state’s statute of limitations?

As expected, there would be some exceptions to the statute as pointed out by expert Chicago personal injury attorneys. Minors who are victims are given extra time to file the case. Also, if someone is not able to reasonably discover his/ her injuries then there is more time allowed to file a case. Additionally, if the defendant took steps to hide the extent of the damage or the damage itself, then the plaintiff is bound to avail of some extra time beyond the statute to file a case.

3. What are other exceptions worth noting?

You will not be able to file a claim if you are determined to be more than 50% responsible for the mishap in the first place. Also, for a medical malpractice claim, you need verification from a third-party uninvolved physician that the case has enough merits to be brought to a court.

A car accident can be a bad phase of time for a person. From a financial standpoint, Chicago personal injury attorneys suggest that it is vital to get the assistance needed in the form of timely claim processing. You need to file for claim within two years of the mishap. Other than this you need to factor in the statute of limitation i.e. 2 years for personal injuries that occurred during an accident or for medical malpractice when treating such injuries. There are some exceptions to the state’s statute of limitations. Minors and persons who couldn’t reasonably discover the injuries, are given additional time. There is one other important exception – You will not be able to file a claim if it is determined that you are more than 50% responsible for the accident. Similarly, for medical malpractice claim, you need a verification from a third-party uninvolved physician about the genuineness of the case.

Chicago personal injury attorneys recommend knowing about these important points so that you get to file personal injury case on time. Make sure to preserve as much documentation as possible – such as bills, receipts, discharge papers, car repair bills, and invoices.

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