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Artificial Intelligence is the wave of transformation. This field of computer science is the hottest and comes with the hottest subtopics or areas. The power of AI lies in the creation of smart and innovative machines that can act, work and make decisions like humans. They hold the ability to solve various computational problems without any human intervention.

The concept of AI is based on the use of specially designed algorithms and revolves around the following traits: knowledge, problem-solving, learning, planning, reasoning, and perception. AI is disrupting every sector and soon it will affect our lives tremendously. Top companies are investing in research and development of AI as they understand the tasks that this technology can handle.

Here are a few areas in AI that you must explore –

Natural Language Processing

NLP is the process by which systems perceive and understand spoken human language. This includes speech recognition, natural language understanding, generation, and translation. This is used in customer service, report generation, and summarizing business intelligence insights. NLP is currently developing chatbots that can smartly interact with humans and build an emotional connection with them.

Virtual Agents

You probably have come across Alexa and Google Homes by now. Both of these AI integrated technologies are known to interact with users, respond to their questions and perform adequate non-verbal behavior. These virtual agents have made the lives of humans easier by handling all the monotonous tasks.

Machine Learning Platforms

Machine learning is an application of AI that makes the systems capable enough to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. It provides algorithms, APIs, development and training toolkits, trains and deploys models into applications and other machines.

Deep Learning Platforms

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that is used in pattern recognition and classification applications. You can say, DL is the driving force for a plethora of applications including object recognition, speech, language translation, computer games, and self-driving cars. DL allows machines to solve complex problems even while using the diverse unstructured data set.

Reinforcement Learning

Employed by various software and machines, reinforcement Learning maximizes reward and makes an agent learn to find the best possible path to be taken in a specific situation. It is a computational approach to learning from action. The agent’s goal is to learn subsequent actions so as to maximize a long time reward.


AI and robots are powerful automation solution. Self-driven cars are the best example of robotics. These self-driven cars can move from one point to the other without an accident. This is only possible with the advances in DL and RL. Robots are smart, accurate, and profitable. AI and robotics still have to cover a long way together. It can be applied in manufacturing industries, space exploration, healthcare, military, and many more.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is an important area of AI as its aim is to provide human vision to computer systems. This includes- image acquisition, image processing, and image analysis and manipulation. Augmented reality, image restoration, motion recognition, biometrics, forensics, face recognition, and robotics are a few applications of computer vision.

Sentiment Analysis

This involves the measurement of people’s viewpoint through NLP, linguistics, and text analysis. This is done by extracting and capturing data with the process of data mining. After the extraction of data/opinions, it gets easy to understand what people think about a particular brand. This is quite useful in monitoring social media because of the extraction of valuable insights.

If you are planning to make your career in AI, these are a few areas that you can work upon. To enhance your skills and get the best job, you can even go for AI certifications. Certifications for AI professionals are in trend as industries are looking for certified AI professionals who can prove their worth in this broad field of artificial intelligence. Certifications provide up-to-date information about the tools and technologies and make them credible so that they are recognized by the employers. Grab the best job possible with high paying salaries in top companies and make your career in this lucrative field of AI. There is no denying the fact that soon AI will take over the world.

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