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  • Women Alert! Here’s What Not to Wear When Traveling

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One dilemma that people often face while traveling is finding the balance between clothes that look good and clothes that are comfortable. People choose fashion over comfort and end up paying the price of discomfort. However, if you know the right way to dress for traveling, then you can easily put together an outfit that makes you look chic and comfortable. While everyone knows what to wear while traveling, there is quite an extensive list of things that you definitely shouldn’t wear while traveling.

1. Shoes That are not Comfortable

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to buy new shoes for traveling and not break them in. Sure, the shoe looked great while you tried it on at the shop, but are you sure that it won’t give you cuts and bruises once you walk in it? Getting blisters is a surefire way to ruin your vacation, which can be easily avoided if you get your shoes a month in advance, and then use the whole month to break them in.

Sure, the shoe won’t look nice and shiny as it looked before, but at least it won’t leave you in pain for hours. You are probably going to be walking a lot, and hence you need shoes that offer you ample arch support. Stilettos and wedge shoes may look great in pictures but are a nightmare combination with traveling, so your best bet to make it through without torturing your feet is sneakers. They are fully covered, offer ample arch support and look good at the same time.

2. Jewelry that Screams “I AM RICH”

Before you load your bag with all the jewels that you own, think about it this way. Is a new country really the best place to showcase your jewelry collection, and let everyone know that you are a prime target for robbery? Tourist crime has been rising for the past few years and is a lucrative business as robbers have picked up on the signs of identifying rich tourists.

While you may not want to part with your humongous engagement ring or your solitaire necklace, you are increasing the chances of losing it by putting it on display. If you do want to wear jewelry, then you can pick one or two light pieces of fake jewelry. This way you can look good and flaunt it without the fear of getting robbed.

3. Offensive Clothing

Before you pack your travel suitcase, think hard and long about the place you’re visiting. Can you wear all the skimpy clothes? Do you need to be covered while in public as not to offend local customs and people? Even if you are visiting a country that does not believe in policing people on their clothing, it’s still important for you to cover up modestly when visiting religious sites.

Offensive clothing doesn’t only mean skimpy clothing like shorts and bikinis, you could be fully covered and still offend people if you are wearing t-shirts with slogans that might sound fun to you, but may have a different meaning in their local languages. Think of it this way, a t-shirt making fun of Kim Jong Il may get you a lot of laughs back home but may put you in jail if you actually wear it in North Korea. A quick online search can give you plenty of options for a chic traveling style that is comfortable, non-offensive and makes you look like a diva.

4. Fabrics that look good but are uncomfortable

How many times has it happened that something looked really good on the mannequin and looked even more amazing when you tried it on, but when you actually wore it for an event, it made you extremely uncomfortable. There are some fabrics that look extremely nice on normal days but are a nightmare when you are traveling. Jeans are a great option for everyday wear, but often end up cutting the circulation to your legs when wearing it on the plane. While travelling, you need clothes that do not need a lot of maintenance, as you cannot spend most of your vacation ironing your clothes or steaming them. Some fabrics that need to be avoided while on vacation include synthetic fabrics, nylon, silk, leather and rubber.

One important thing to remember is that if you look good but don’t feel good, then that might ruin your entire vacation experience. You need to find a balance between fashion and comfort, so that you can make the most of your vacation. Keep in mind to be respectful and make sure you do not offend anyone in any way, even if you are too comfortable in your clothes.

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