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The identification of a certain microorganism is extremely crucial to tell if there is a certain medication or treatment required to eradicate that disease in the human body. Medical science has been using a variety of techniques combining the aspects of engineering and CT scan is one of the prime examples of that. It stands for computerized tomography which involves passing of X-rays through the different parts of your bodies. The resultant is output on the screen of the pictures of your bones and tissues within the concerned area. It differs from X-ray scans as it takes multiple images from various angles to give a clearer picture of the inside of your body.

Undertaking a CT Scan

You cannot just turn up to get a CT scan done since it is meant for specific purposes. It is widely used to examine the damage that a human body has undergone after an accident or a trauma. Since internal injuries could be fatal, this tool can help in the identification of such injuries resulting in quicker attention to the problem and solving it eventually. It can be used to examine any part of your body, and with a vast dataset, doctors can devise a suitable plan to tackle the problem at its core.

There are many other reasons why a doctor might advise going to ct scan centres in Bangalore or the city that has the facility. Apart from the fractures of the bone, if the professional believes that there is a tumour forming in any part of your muscle or bone, they can recommend you undertake a CT scan. The scan will help them identify the exact point where the tumour might be coagulating or if there is an infected area. Even the internal blood clotting is easily identified using the process.

Computerized Tomography also acts as a guide for the people involved in the field of medicine. They will help them decide if there is a need for surgery, radiation therapy or a biopsy based on the results derived from the process. If you are undergoing a certain treatment, this technology can also help in understanding how well the treatment has been working to give an idea about whether to continue or take an alternative approach.

Preparation and the process

Your preparation before the CT scan depends on what body part will be under the analysis post the scan. You might be asked to wear only the gown provided by the hospital. In all the cases, you are to avoid any accessories from glasses to dentures as they can manipulate the final data. It is also advisable to avoid any food or drinks intake a few hours before you undergo the tomography. You might also be asked to take contrast material and the intake could be through injection or swallowing. It might also be inserted to your body via the rectum and this depends from case to case and which body part needs to be scanned.

Once you have passed through the preparation stage, you will be made to lie down on a table which is motor-controlled by a computer. The CT scan is a large round machine where the table slides into with you on the top of it. The pillows and straps will be used to keep you stationary while the process is going on. Only during the cases where your skull has to be scanned, there is a need to place a cradle to avoid your head from moving. As the table is made to move inside the scanner, the circular object rotates and radiates the laser to the specific body parts resulting in the formation of images. You might hear sounds but that is generated due to the movement of the machine. The person-in-charge of the process will keep talking to you and might ask you to hold the breath at certain intervals.

The choice of the centre

It is not just about the process but choosing the centre for the same. With the rise in usage, there have been many centres across various cities, but their authentication is highly important. The machines are expensive; they need to be maintained well, too since lasers are involved. Therefore, you must consult your doctor and ask for a suitable recommendation to choose the centre that is following all the guidelines laid out by the medical authorities. You can even ask for suggestions from those who have undertaken the procedure multiple times or go online to check for feedback on various medical centres.

Thus, the CT scan does sound like an intriguing technique, and with advantages that can help detect several issues, the technique continues to be used across the globe. As mentioned, you cannot walk into a centre, and you would need a proper discussion with a doctor if you feel you need to undergo one.

Are there any risks involved?

Lasers are involved in the process and the human body, when exposed to certain radiation may show some unusual reactions. The lasers used in the CT scan possess higher power and since it is directed at the body from multiple angles, each body part is exposed to the radiation for a longer time when compared to a simple X-ray scan. This has the chance of developing cancer however no such evident results have been noticed yet. Moreover, with the advancement in the field, low power lasers have started to come into the picture eradicating any potential risk attached to the technology. That being said, pregnant women are strongly advised to not go for any sort of CT scan as it is extremely harmful to their babies. Since the babies are at a developing stage, such radiations will not be suitable for them. You must always tell your doctor about any such conditions and have a deep discussion on any potential risks before you go for ct scan in Bangalore or the city that you live in.

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