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  • How Can We Organize A Small Living Space?

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Are you living in a small house? Do you have to move things a little to pack & play? Well, I had to. In my life, I have lived in a lot of small houses where only a little space was available, but we had to manage somehow. And since, I have been able to manage, therefore, my experience would be somewhat beneficial for those who are just starting to live in college hostels or dorm rooms. I have, therefore, decided to write a hands-on guide for all those who are living in a small space. So, let’s get started on how to organize a small living space?

Get rid of extras:

Living in a small house actually is not a big issue as we think of it. The real issue is when we don’t get rid of the extras. Most often we tie different things which mostly are of no use for us saying “I might need it someday”. There are way more ways to get those things again in your life. So, my first tip for organizing your small living space is to get rid of all the extra stuff in your home. Keep only those that matter a lot or are used in daily routine.

Divide and conquer the space:

Utilizing the existing space efficiently is very important doesn’t matter what kind of house you are living in. I have lived in both, highly spacious houses as well as very congested ones. One thing that I have learned is to optimize the space well enough and make it look spacious even when you are low at it. The rule for this to achieve is divide and conquer. Divide the space into zones and specify each zones function such as toy zone, living room, dining room. This will rather optimize the space and will also help in family bonding.

Use vertical space more:

Vertical space is your win when optimizing a living space in the office, home, industrial space or anywhere. Vertical space lets use the walls, cabinets, and closets effectively and lift things off the floor more. One way of effectively utilizing vertical space is having more storage walls, pegboards and bookcases. Basically, it will lift things off your floor and the floor will cleaner and spacious. Take an example of shoe rack which will lift the bulk from the floor while also optimize the horizontal space.

Effectively use closets & cabinets:

One mistake that is made in almost every home is not effectively utilizing the store space and rather making a dull use of it. To get the most out of any small living space, you need to make good use of accessories that carry things as possible. Closet and cabinet is the best place to store things in your house. Don’t stuff everything needed or useless in closets or cabinets, keep only those that you need, get rid of extras or if need there’s a place for such items in storeroom.

Do not let in everything in your house, be choosy:

That’s the biggest catch in organizing a small living space. Either you live in a big villa or live in a small cottage, that’s perfectly fine until you make things necessary for you that aren’t needed. Its good to be choosy in letting the thing in your home and not allowing everything in.

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