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  • Understanding What to Expect from Moving Companies

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A story was once told of a man who wanted to embark on a journey to a distant land. This occurred in the days when the only option for oversea trips was a voyage by sea. This man was quite poor, so it took him some time to save his fare for the trip. Once he was able to save up the amount he needed to pay for his passage, he immediately purchased his ticket.

Knowing he only had just enough to pay the fare, he tried to provision himself with what he could to sustain him through the journey. Every meal time when the bell rang, and passengers trooped to the dining room, he went to his cabin to nibble on some of his meager provision.

One day, the captain who had consistently noticed his absence at meals found out what the issue was. Upon inquiring from this passenger why he was never around for meals, the passenger softly explained to the captain that he did not have enough money for his meals. Shocked, the captain explained to him that the fare he paid covered his meal for the entire trip. He missed a lot of sumptuous meals as a result of his ignorance.

It is possible that some of us may not know the full extent of the services we pay for and mistakes like this is unavoidable.

The same situation can happen when moving to a new home. To address this, let us look at some services companies may offer. While some may be standard, others may be extras which will attract additional cost. However, knowing this should help you plan better.

Note that we are looking at what a full-service moving company will offer.

Services Offered by a Full-Service Moving Company

  • Packing

As simple and as insignificant as packing may look, it is one of the most stressful aspects of a move. It can contribute to the convenience with which the trip will be made, and the safety of the items being moved. It may also affect your cost.

Companies that offer full moving service will help you pack your stuff professionally. This will ensure that your stuff is safe, and that space is maximized. Let’s not forget the reduced stress it will also mean for you.

  • Packing Materials and Supplies

You can also get all the packing materials and supplies like boxes, tapes etc. when you use a full service. This will mean you do not have to worry about going around searching for the right type of boxes with which to pack your stuff.

  • Disassembly and Assembly of Furniture

Some furniture will need to be dismantled for easy transportation. This is a service that a full-service company will also be able to render. Once the furniture has been transported to the new location, they can also help you assemble them. This again removes a lot of stress from you.

  • Loading and Unloading of Moving Truck

This is one of the regular services you can expect from any moving company whether or not they offer a full service. This involves loading your stuff unto the moving truck and then unloading them at your new venue.

  • Cleanup of Moving Materials and Supplies

Once your stuff has been unloaded and unpacked, a full service will include taking care of the numerous empty boxes and strips of tape that will be left scattered all over the house. This helps you settle down very quickly without having to worry about how to get rid of the empty boxes.

Understanding what Moving Companies Won’t Do for You

moving companies do's and don'ts

Moving Companies Do’s and Don’ts

Moving companies that offer full service are great, but they won’t help you with some things. A couple of these things are discussed in this article, but we will look at some now.

  • Checking Out Your New Location

One important thing you need to do is to check out the new space. You should be able to know how much space you have, assign rooms (so your labeled boxes can go straight to the right rooms), decide what can fit and what can’t. While you may be able to find someone to handle this task for you, this is not a service that any moving company may offers today.

  • Sorting Through Your Stuff

Yes movers can help you pack your stuff. However, it will be your duty to sort through them and instruct them on how to pack them. If you leave them alone, they will pack at their discretion and given that they have absolutely no emotional attachment to your stuff, they certainly will not understand the importance some stuff may have to you. This may mean that you will have to search for some things later.

  • Precise Labeling of the Boxes

Every moving company knows perfectly well that properly labeling your moving boxes is an important part of an efficient moving process. However, the best labeling you will get from them is the most basic. For example, your moving company can label a box “children’s room” but you may have other sub-categories you would love to have to make unpacking a lot easier for you. You will have to directly handle these.

  • Deciding what to Keep and what to Discard

Still as part of the sorting process, your moving company will not tell you that you are taking too much stuff to your new location. They will also not tell you that some stuff you are moving have not been useful to you for years and will probably not be so in the new location. You and you alone will have to reach these conclusions and decide what has to move and what should be discarded.


Above, we have looked at a broad description of what you can expect to get from a full-service moving company. Surely, with the increase in competition, more service options may be added to this list to further increase the convenience to customers.

The choice is basically yours. You can choose a full service, or you can pick out the services you want. The important thing is that you get exactly what you pay for. Achieving any of these begins with finding the right moving company. Thankfully, company sites like www.9kilo.com have made this somewhat difficult process a lot easier.

Rather than going through a lot of stress searching for a moving company that will handle your move without giving you stress, they give you quick access to national moving companies. This reduces your search time and, in many cases, saves you money.

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