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  • How Dictionaries Can Help You To Improve Your Command On Your Language

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Learning a new language is always fascinating and it gives challenges to us that we love to conquer. Whenever we begin to learn a new language, we face lots of difficulties. Difficulties in remembering words, difficulties in knowing that at what time what set of words should be used and how to pronounce certain words. It involves a proper learning strategy and constant efforts that help in learning the language and improving your command in that.

When it comes to making yourself better in a language and increasing the efficiency in it, then there are multiple ways which can be followed. Some of these methods include –

  1. By practising the core skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Hearing.
  2. Note down each new word that you learn and revise it every day.
  3. Never be afraid to speak out in public and committing mistakes. The more mistakes you will commit, the more efficient and effective you will become.
  4. Search for people who are experts in that language, talk with them and ask them to correct you whenever you make mistake while communicating in that language.
  5. Read newspapers. It’s one of the most effective methods to improve any language that you are learning and get a command over it.

Apart from all these methods, there is one golden way that helps you in improving your command of the language that you are learning. That method is the use of dictionaries.

A dictionary is one of the nicest tools that helps you in getting command in a language. A dictionary is not something that you are supposed to read every day. Rather it is a tool which is going to help you in improving your vocabulary. A dictionary helps you in finding the meaning of those words which are new to you and you can add these words in your vocabulary.

Moreover, you are not always required to carry a hard copy of the dictionary with you. In the age of smartphones, you can use mobile apps of the dictionary on your phone, download them according to your need and take them in use whenever you want. These apps are free and can be used at any time. Also, they are very easy to use and quick to operate. All you need to do is to search the word whose meaning you are searching for and you will find its relevant results within a few seconds.

Whenever you are in the process of reading or studying something, then it is ideal to use that dictionary and you can refer to it whenever you find new words. You can highlight these words and note them with you and use them later on while you are writing something or communicating with someone.

Here we are giving some of the ways where you can use a dictionary and reap its benefits-

1) Read Novels in that language

Whenever you are going to start reading a novel in that language, then you are going to get the knowledge of many new words. These are going to be those words that you have never read or heard. Also, these novels will carry certain words that you may have heard somewhere but don’t remember their exact meaning. Here a dictionary is going to help you and you can search for its meaning. You can also search for its definition and synonyms and then can relate it with your life and seek an opportunity to use these words in your everyday life.

2) Solve Word Riddles

It is the most thrilling and challenging ways that you can use. It is one of the most impact creating technique in your process of learning a language and getting command over it. In this riddle, you are going to solve many new words and you can use these words in your daily communication. Whenever you feel difficulty in memorizing the actual meaning of these words, you can use Hindi to English dictionary online to find the meaning of those words.

Advantages of having a Dictionary while Learning New Words or Language

A dictionary gives lots of advantages to those students who carry it with themselves. Today, in most of the schools, the trend of communicating in English is at its peak and the majority of the students are also following the same. Hence it becomes very helpful for any student who wants to communicate in this language but faces difficulty in some words, then he can easily find the meaning in that.

The dictionary also becomes a handy tool in finding the meaning of those words which looks similar when we pronounce them but have a different meaning.

Also, when the student uses the dictionary on the mobile phone, then it allows them to know how a certain word is pronounced. Almost all the dictionary apps on the mobile phone give this kind of feature. In a dictionary, the words are always arranged in the alphabetical order, which makes it easy for anyone to easily find the meaning of the word by following the pattern of the word and finding it without wasting much time.

This is how you can use a dictionary and gain command over a language.

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