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  • How to Conduct a Successful Hot Yoga Practice?

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Hot Yoga, it is the strenuous form of Yoga. Certain to sweat you up, it is practiced under high temperature and humidity. Hot Yoga is often understood synonymous with the Bikram Yoga (a form of Hot Yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury). In fact, until late 2000’s Bikram Yoga was the only recognized Hot Yoga tradition to use heat and humidity in its practice.

Bikram Yoga:

Bikram Yoga is a contemporary form of Yoga founded by Indian Yoga instructor- Bikram Choudhury. The form of Hot Yoga is a 26-postures Yoga derived from the Hatha Yoga. The premier Hot Yoga style is ideally practiced in a studio or room with 35-41°C or 40% humidity. The series is practiced for 90 minutes requiring force and high contraction from the muscles.

Hot Yoga is usually practiced in a closed room or studio but for practicing the original Hot Yoga you do not need to join a Yoga studio. Unlike Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga is not limited to 26 poses. It can be practiced in extensive Vinyasa form. You can practice it at your home. Just one thing should be kept in mind that maintaining high temperature is essential. If you live in a frosty or slightly cold climate, you have to use room heater. But if you live in the south, southeast Asia, Australia or Africa where the temperature is slightly higher during summers, you can practice in open also.

If you are prepared with your Yoga mat in the hunt for burning your fats along with many more advantages, have a watchful eye on the below tips to perform Hot Yoga/Bikram Yoga successfully:

  • Stay Hydrated: Hot Yoga session is going to utilize enormous water from your body. It is principally focused on making you sweat and for that, you must be well hydrated. To avoid dehydration, drink ample amount of water a couple of hours before Hot Yoga session. You are advised to drink a liter of water at least. Keep a bottle of water beside your Yoga mat.
  • Eating Rules: Getting prepared for a Hot Yoga session is a tricky task. Before the yoga class, do not eat heavy food. But it doesn’t mean you should be empty-stomach while practicing Hot Yoga. Juicy fruits (like watermelon, orange, and cherry), dry fruits, banana, etc. are highly recommended prior to a Hot Yoga session. Hot yoga requires much energy to practice. So, intake of energetic food is suggested.
  • Be Attentive to Your Body: You and your body, both should be present during the Hot Yoga session. It is very important to listen to your body. You must be aware of its capacity. Avoiding any expectation before a Hot Yoga class should be a great idea. Having an expectation from the Yoga classes can force you to pressurize your body in an urge to attain the goal. Focusing more on the expectation can divert your mind from being receptive leading more chances of injury. Whenever you start feeling that you are out of capacity, stop your practice. Be sympathetic towards your body.

These are some of the major tips/suggestions a Hot Yoga practitioner (especially the new ones) must keep in mind before or during the Hot Yoga practice. Apart from these, students should take care of many things. Many practitioners wipe their sweat away, which is not a great idea. Let the sweat cool your body. Rubbing your body with towel disturbs the body-environment temperature cycle. Your dressing should be wise enough while preparing for a Hot yoga class. Over-clothing is absolutely not advocated. Try to avoid cotton clothes because they can be heavy and sticky once they get wetted. Let your sweat wet your Yoga mat. Ideally, you can use sweat-wicking fabrics. Taking rest in between the asanas is recommended. Those who have just started the practice should take regular rest whenever they feel light-headed. Heart-diseased persons and pregnant ladies are suggested to avoid Hot Yoga.

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