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  • Mental Health Tips for the Busy Mom

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Being a mom is a full-time job. Even though being a mom in itself is a huge responsibility, a lot of women have full-time careers as well. The combined stresses of work and motherhood can build up and eventually take a toll on your mental health.

There are a few tips that can help balancing motherhood and potentially a job something that seems doable rather than overwhelming.

Establish a Routine

This is the first tip that can significantly improve your mental health. If you are not already operating on a routine, it can seem like a huge challenge. Establishing a routine for yourself and your family can be challenging, but the rewards definitely outweigh the challenges.

The best way to go about establishing a routine is to start small. Start with a bedtime or breakfast routine for example. Once you and your family get the hang of it, incorporate more routines into your day. This will make the day more predictable and hopefully result in less stress, which is great for your mental health!

Do Your Best to Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can be overwhelming, so start small. Packing lunches and picking out clothes the night before is a great way to ease into planning. Not having to worry about these stresses the next morning will be a wonderful feeling!

A word of precaution with routines and planning, do not feel pressured to stick to every routine and every plan. There will be days when things do not follow your typical routine or you forget to plan for the next day and that is ok. Do not dwell on it and try again the next day!

Have a Backup Plan

While routines and plans are great, they do not always work out. Having a backup plan can be extremely helpful when your routine does not go to plan. The type of backup plan you have will likely depend on your life. For example, if your kids stay with a babysitter after school, having a backup babysitter for emergencies is always a good idea. Taking precautions early can save you from worrying in the event that something comes up.

Take Time for Yourself

This is the most important part of taking care of your mental state. Being a mom can take up most of your time. Although it is a rewarding experience and you want to spend all the time with your kids as you can, it is important to think about yourself too. This is often difficult for moms because they have to be thinking about others constantly.

Take time for yourself early in the morning or late at night when your kids are asleep. This will keep you from feeling guilty about not spending time with them while still treating yourself.

Think about what you enjoy doing most and use your free time for that. Whether it is enjoying a relaxing candlelit bath or reading a new book, be sure to take a few minutes each day for yourself to reflect on the day and relax.

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