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  • 7 Sleep Tips for Seniors

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Sleeping is essential for restoring the proper functioning of both the mind and the body. And that is not restricted to just the adults and the children. It is true for the elderlies as well.

Seniors, in fact, need just as much sleep as the adults which is 7-9 hours. But the sleep architecture changes with age. This can give rise to trouble while falling asleep.

From Sleep Apnea to Insomnia, the seniors can be affected by anything. This situation can worsen if the person is taking medication or is suffering from any other kind of chronic ailment. This can give rise to sleep problems of their own. The emotional and physical changes further deteriorate the condition.

health tips for seniors

Health Tips for Seniors

But in order to stay alert and healthy, it is essential that the elderlies are able to sleep well at night.

Here are some tips that can help in this case. Just take a look.

  • Develop a Consistent Routine for Bedtime –

You must, as an elderly, make it a point to go to bed at the same time every day. Try to go for the same position, also, if possible. Have a cup of herbal tea or warm milk before sleeping. A routine must be established that signals the mind that it is time to sleep and these can help you do that.

  • Take Time to Calm Down and Go for a Warm Bath –

You should turn off all the electronic gadgets before your turn off the lights. These include the mobile, tablet and TV. You can listen to soft music or read a book which will help you to unwind. A warm bath just before bedtime can also assist you to feel drowsy. As you get out of the tub, the temperature of the body decreases which can make you feel tired and can help you to slow down and feel relaxed. This way you are more prepared to sleep.

  • Eat and Drink Well during the Day –

The diet has a great effect on your sleep. You should avoid the sugary and fatty foods and instead ensure that the meals are filled with the sleep-promoting and healthy nutrients. In the later parts of the day, the heavy meals should be avoided and this is especially the case for seniors who experience acid reflux. This can give rise to digestive problems which can make it harder to slip into sleeping. Past the afternoon, you should avoid the caffeine and alcohol. Both are sleep-disrupting elements as the alcohol can awaken you too early once it is digested and the caffeine can keep you awake till late hours.

  • If You Have Body Aches Use More Pillows –

Many side-sleepers use pillow between the knees. If you sleep on the back, you can keep a small pillow below the knee which can decrease the stress on spinal cord. You should also take into account the age of your mattress. For more support, you should change it on regular yearly intervals.

  • Avoid the Afternoon Naps and Exercise –

The naps are fine if you are able to sleep well at night. But if you stay awake at night you should avoid taking naps for more than 20 minutes during the day. You should also exercise at a regular time everyday but make sure it is not within 3 hours before retiring to bed.

  • Reduce Stress –

Anxiety and stress can be a big constraint and can keep you from sleeping well at night. So you should learn to keep away your worries during the bedtime. For this, you can keep a journal to record your worries, enlist your goals for the next day and check off the tasks completed on the present day, listen to a calming music, get a massage from a caregiver or a partner, read a relaxing book and so on. You can also find a friend to speak about the things troubling you which can help you to do away with your anxiety and sleep well at night.

  • Address Your Problem of Snoring –

If your snoring has taken a serious turn and interfering with your breathing then Sleep Apnea, a serious health condition, can be the cause of that. So if you are a heavy snorer, you should consult with the top sleep specialist in Ny who will help you to weigh your risks and treat your condition so that you can retain your sleep as well as health.

The above are some of the things that you should keep in mind, as an elderly, so that you can grab a sound sleep at night and lead a healthy and happy life for years to come.

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