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  • A Guide on Home Maintenance During Spring/Summer

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Preparing your home for the new season is always exciting and nice, but it can also be quite tiring, especially if you live in a huge condo or a family house with lots of rooms. However, knowing what a proper spring cleaning, for example, does to your place and how much fresher it will be afterwards, you won’t be put off by the number of tasks you have to complete, and you’ll finish your spring cleaning in just a couple of days. You should first make a plan and try to stick to it as much as you can, as that’s the only way to ensure your home is adequately prepared for the arrival of spring and summer. If you’re still unsure what you need to do, here are a couple of ideas you definitely need to take into consideration.

Declutter and remove everything unnecessary

As opposed to spring and summer clothes, our winter outfits are huge, heavy and take up a ton of space, but we don’t need them once the temperatures start rising, do we? Well, in order not to clutter your home with all that unnecessary winter clothes and accessories, you need to put them away as soon as possible.

Start with your jackets and coats before moving to your sweaters and shirts and finishing everything off with boots and shoes, and find a way to store these things until it’s time for the winter season again. This way, you’ll not only make room for all your spring and summer things, but also make your home cleaner and better prepared for the hot weather.

Clean everything carefully

Most people have a hard time cleaning their home during winter – it’s cold and it gets dark pretty early, so they just do the basic minimum and wait for the spring. Now that this season has arrived, it’s high time for your annual spring cleaning where you’ll deep clean every possible surface in your home. Since you would expect a lot of waste to pile up during this cleanup, you should keep the Eagledumpsterrental in place. It makes the process stress-free afterward, as you won’t have to move anything to the waste center yourself.

From floors, walls and ceiling, to furniture and decorations, you have to wipe everything and make sure it’s 100% clean. Yes, this may be quite tiring and boring, but it’s something you need to do if you want to keep your home clean in the months to come.

Check your installations

While spring means the arrival of warm weather for most people, it’s quite the opposite for the Australians – for them, it’s the end of hot days and the beginning of the cold period. That’s why their spring preparation includes checking their installations and making sure their heating is fully functioning, just in case the temperatures get really low.

Show your exterior some love

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a huge garden or a backyard, don’t forget to show these areas some love too. After all, these are the first spots your guests and random passersby see, so your exterior is responsible for making the best first impression possible.

Luckily, all the things you need to do are quite simple: mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, planting new grass, washing the windows and cleaning the gutter is going to take just a couple of hours, but you can always go a step further and repaint the front door, polish your porch and fix your driveway. To paint the exterior of your home, use strong scaffolding to be able to reach every part that needs to be painted. Remember, a well-maintained curb appeal is going to make or break your reputation, so dedicating some time to it really goes a long way.

Insulate and repaint your walls

Insulating your home both from outside and inside is a huge financial investment and something not everyone can afford, but it’s also the best and most effective way to save a ton of energy and money in the long run as well.

So, what you need to do is find a reliable contractor who will insulate your exterior walls, while you can do the same from inside your rooms on your own. This way, your home will be protected, and you’ll be able to keep it cool during hot days, and warm when the temperature is low, like in Australia. In the end, take this chance to apply a new coat of paint of the walls and give them a new look – it’s the easiest way to boost your energy level and raise the value of your home at the same time.

No matter how big your home it is, maintaining it is a lengthy and tiring process, but it’s something that needs to be done if you wish to live in a healthy, clean and enjoyable space. So, stop wasting your time and start doing something useful and enjoying your home on a whole new level!

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