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  • Luxury Fragrances – What Makes Them So Expensive?

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Ever wondered as to why be some luxury fragrances so mighty expensive? In the world of perfumes, you can find the price of even a tiny bottle shooting upwards of $200 as well. That is quite a lot of money to pay for a fragrance which isn’t even likely to stay for 12 hours. Yet, there are several buyers for it! At the same time, you can also find perfumes which aren’t this costly, and their scent too lingers for long. So, what essentially makes some of the fragrance so extremely expensive? Let us dig out the details.

The ingredients:

Some of the perfumes are made with ingredients which are very hard to find. Extracting these ingredients in it could be a very tedious job and this is the reason the prices tend to shoot very high.

Apart from this, some perfumes also need synthetic ingredients which are prepared in a lab. The lab preparation too could be both difficult and costly. This tends to create a spike in the price.

So, mostly it has been seen that if the ingredients are rare or costly to manufacture, the price of the perfume will shoot high.

Of course, a lot depends on the quantity of the perfume too. If you compare the price of a 10ml perfume bottle to one with 100 ml bottle it is ridiculous. The Scent Shot range, for instance, is moderately priced. If you buy any of the range, you will find it in a pack containing 7 fragrances of 5ml each. So, the quantity isn’t that huge and thus the overall price is kept reasonable.

The marketing cost:

One also needs to take into account the fact that perfume companies tend to spend a great deal of money on advertisement and marketing. There are so many top celebrities who are roped in for the job and so it is common to find that the marketing budget tends to shoot the roof too. However, the brands like Scent Shot drifter for men do not follow this technique.

It is common sense that ultimately it is the buyers who have to bear the cost of the marketing too. If a company spends a great deal of money on marketing, they are ultimately going to keep a larger margin of profit because that is how you roll in the area of business.

The packaging:

The perfumes come in a wide variety of different kinds of packaging. Some of the perfume companies choose to have diamonds encrusted on their bottle while some of them come packed in costly crystal bottles too. So, whatever is the fancy packaging, it surely tends to have a bearing on the cost factor and pushes it quite a bit.

These are some of the key factors, which end up making a fragrance mighty expensive. If you have a thing for luxury perfumes but you are in no mood to splurge, you can opt to buy perfume testers for men. They are a great way to get your hands on the top fragrances without burning too big a hole in your pocket either.

Remember, the best thing about fragrance is that it gives your overall personality a great touch-up. You are bound to feel elated by the lingering smell of a great fragrance.

A lot of studies have indicated that wearing one of the best perfumes can have a great positive impact on your mind and your behaviour. At the same time, it is also likely to let you stay calm too. Moreover, it could also reap amazing benefits for the people who surround you because the good thing about perfume is that it casts a binding spell on the person who wears it and the one who surrounds them as well.

So, if you are in the mood to splurge a little, choosing one of the finest luxury fragrances might be a great idea after all most people believe that it tends to be money well spent. For those who believe that luxury is one of the necessary evils you need to adapt to, perfumes surely are one of the top items.

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