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  • Steps To Improve Customer Experience Using Customer Order Tracking

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Vendors are catching up on the idea, to customize the customers’ experience. Times have changed and that is why the business strategies are also changing. E-commerce portals are now using technology, to provide and deliver customer experiences, according to the buyers’ preferences and tastes.

For e-commerce sellers, selecting a particular order tracking system, is an important part of amplifying the buyers’ experience.

What is the importance of an order tracking system, in enhancing the buyers’ experience?

The idea to customize a tracking system is exciting, isn’t it? Keep reading further to know how it improves buyers’ experience!

What is the concept all about?

A tracking system allows the buyers to fetch information and provides some more insights about where their package is at a particular point of time.

Buyers have a number of questions in their mind when it comes to the delivery of the product. Such as;

  • When the product will be out on delivery?
  • Is the product still in the warehouse?
  • When will the product be out for delivery?
  • When will the delivery reach the specific location?
  • Where is the product right now?

Answering these above mentioned questions for the buyers, helps to enhance customer experience. To answer such questions online vendors need to have visibility across different prospects like various channels, systems, and processes. Partial visibility of the complete system, is not able to satisfy buyers. For customers, it is just not enough to know, when the package is going to get deliver. This is because, they want detailed information about the delivery of the product. They want to trace and track the product right from the start until it gets delivered.

To meet such requirements, a highly customized and integrated system is needed.

What is the importance of order tracking system?

It is a key component of overall buyers’ experience. It allows online sellers to serve the customers better by providing correct shipping details. Providing delivery updates, accurate details and more, help the buyers to amplify trust and dependability. These two factors are important for retention of the customers.

What are the ways to amplify buyers’ experience using custom order tracking?

The only trick to enhance the customers’ experience, is to do something out-of-the-box, in order to engage them. Below mentioned are a few features of this system, which can be modified as per the portal’s requirements.

Complete order tracking information- With hundreds and hundreds of changes in the buying pattern, customers just don’t want usual details about the delivery of their goods and services. Buyers want as many details as possible, regarding their products. Customers require e-commerce portal to share live updates of the product. Also, it is necessary to inform customers when their order has reached warehouse, or it has reached the city, and is out for delivery.

These little details help the buyers to remain tension free, as they know that their package is out for delivery, and is going to reach them on time. This leaves a positive imprint on the customers’ mind and prompts them to return for more.

Support details – In an e-commerce platform, support information is a must, as far as deliveries are concerned. In case of any problem or any issue, with the delivery of a product, or if anything else comes up, the buyers should be able to connect with the portal’s support team.

By doing this e-commerce platform gains more trust, which leads towards the retention of the buyers.

Estimated delivery date – After placing the order, the buyers want a rough idea, about when their package will reach them. Providing the customers, an estimated delivery date removes the uncertainty that revolves in the buyers’ mind, when they make an online purchase. Inculcating advanced order tracking system, in the platform, helps to enhance the overall buyers’ experience.

White labelled tracking page – One of the most important things that influences the customers, is the business logo. Branding amplifies recognition. It is necessary to optimize the tracking page with the brand’s logo, support details and name. Brand’s logo is extremely important as it gives a soothing feel to the customers that, the portal is still in charge of the package and helps them stay connected.

Product banners – Marketing has become multi-dimensional along with massive competition. Sellers should not leave even a single opportunity to connect with the customers. One of the best techniques to ameliorate the sales revenue, is to add product banners and links. After customers visit the order tracking page, they will definitely explore other goods and services, only if the suggestions are based on their choices and preferences.


Customizing the order tracking page is necessary to bring impactful changes for the development of the e-commerce portal. Tracking the footsteps of the customers and then recommending them the goods and services as per their preferences, is also an important task for any e-commerce platform. One of the online shopping portals, that is excelling at this task is WAKI.

WAKI, is a leading e-commerce platform, based in Saudi Arabia, that provides its customers a huge range of goods and services. The products range from trendy apparels to fresh groceries, and from latest electronic gadgets to enchanting perfumes, kid’s toys etc.

It also provides local vendor an opportunity to expand their sales revenue by selling online. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, today!

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