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  • Your Diamond Engagement Ring May Need Fixing Now

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Do you own a diamond engagement ring? If you do, then you do understand the importance of maintaining its integrity and keeping it in top shape. Because aside from the luxurious price tag that comes with this piece of jewellery, preserving its beauty also means being able to pass this valuable symbol of your love to the future generations.

Why does jewellery break or need fixing?

While it is true that diamonds are durable enough to last forever, the fine metals used for the ring setting may not be as resilient as this precious stone. Platinum, gold, and silver are all subject to the laws of physics, which means that they will deteriorate in time, even to the point of breakage. There are two reasons for metal deterioration, specifically through erosion or metal fatigue.

Erosion, which is a huge issue in rings, occurs when the metal comes into constant contact with hard substances. Rings are typically brushed against hard surfaces, from countertops to walls, and these can contribute to the metal slowly wearing away until it becomes very thin that it breaks.

Metal fatigue is a weakening of the precious metal due to stress, which results in a build-up of small cracks and eventually breakage. This is more common with thick bracelets and necklaces, especially when they are hanged in storage.

Unfortunately, even with proper care and regular cleaning, jewellery items can succumb to wear and tear or accidents. Chains can get snagged, links can break, clasps can snap, and ring prongs can become loose. Don’t lose hope though because these are fixable and the sooner you have the jewellery pieces repaired, the better your chances of preserving them. For example, a loose prong can lead to the precious stones on your ring to fall off and you may not notice this loss until you take off the ring at the end of the day, which means you’ve actually lost the most important highlight of your engagement ring.

Signs You Need to Have Your Jewellery Repaired

After you purchase one of those diamond engagement rings Brisbane couples adore, there are a number of ways to maintain its beauty and integrity. The quickest way to ensure that your jewellery is in pristine condition is to check the piece every time you wear it. Take a moment to look it over carefully so you can check for damages and scratches, as well as feel where the metal seems to be thinning or weak. Also, make sure that the diamond is set securely. If it moves or shows a slight looseness from the ring, then it’s time to have the piece checked or fixed, if necessary.

With bracelets and necklaces, you have to pay special attention to the clasps. Like the metal prongs in rings, if the clasps don’t close securely, then the risk of losing the jewellery piece is high. And instead of constantly worrying that you might lose the piece when you wear it, you can have this checked or repaired as soon as you can.

Jewellery Repairs You Can and Can’t Do at Home

There are jewellery repair projects that you can handle on your own, like buffing away scratches using a quality polishing cloth, cleaning grime using steam, and unknotting chains. However, there are repair tasks that should be left to professionals, an experienced master jeweller or an expert gem cutter, including ring sizing, rebuilding prongs, soldering, and stone replacement and tightening.

Jewellery repair, while it may entail certain costs, addresses every problem area that the engagement ring has so that you can wear the piece confidently once again.

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