tips for riding quad bikes on roads
  • Ensuring Your Quad Bike Is Legal For Public Roads

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Riding quad bikes is an exhilarating and exciting activity. Whether you want to get from A to B or if you want to continue your adventure from off-road, on-road, you’re going to need to know the rules.

Even though the vast majority of quad bikes are created with off-road terrains in mind, you can still find some that are road worthy. If you are looking to use them for work and practical purposes, it would be best to check that the model is suitable for the road first and foremost.

Quadbikes R Us sells road legal quad vehicles so you can rest assured they are good and ready to be taken for a spin in public. Before you get out there though, it’s advisable to get clued up on the steps to getting a quad full legal.

Knowing these steps means you can get started and file any paperwork for insurance that you need to. The quicker you get the ball rolling, the quicker you can take your quad bike out on the roads legally.


There are certain regulations a quad bike must meet in order to be road legal. These are elements such as:

  • Lights
  • The right tyres
  • A horn
  • Speedometer

These bikes can be purchased from various stores and once purchased, you must abide by the protocol to get them legal. This will involve registering, insuring, taxing your quad plus taking it for a service. On top of this, as the driver, you need to hold the right licence which shows you are qualified to operate the quad bike on roads.

Once you have found a dealer to help you with these steps, you will be able to contact your local department of transportation. They will be the ones who can supply you further information if you find you aren’t getting the answers you need from suppliers.

To use a quad bike on the road, you will need the following:

  1. A full driving licence in the right category. You will also need to reach the age requirements in your country.
  2. You must be fully insured to use the quad bike on public roads. Normally, the minimum you can get is third party cover.
  3. Registration of the quad must be done as well as getting number plates for the front and back.

These are the main steps you will need to follow to ensure everything goes through smoothly. You will also want to take it in for regular MOT’s as well as get crash helps for you and any other passengers who will be riding on it. Now you are ready and set to start driving your quad bike on the roads legally!

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