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It is an undoubtedly fact that each one of us wants to look beautiful. But do you really think is it easy? Yes of course! This body is God gifted so we all must cure it from any outside cluster. Do you think it is really justice if we totally rely on the market products? In which out of many are prone to have great bad impact on our hair, skin, eyes, lip, and others, because we all have different skin tones, hairs.

Some home based beauty ingredients that don’t have any negative impact and suites to all:

Garlic is an antiviral ingredient that cures lot of skin and hair problems. You can use crushed garlic cloves or use oil on affected area until you get rid of cold sore. Owing to the presence of copper in garlic it’s also helps strengthens the roots and increase the blood flow which helps in rapid hair growth. You can apply this along with shampoo; it also helps in reducing the severity of dandruff.

Potato is one of the remedy for hair growth and reduces the dark circle. But, still most of the people don’t know that we can use potato to reduce the darken area of upper lips and under arms. Use can use juice or crushed potato along with sugar or dry orange piles.

For reducing blackness of lips the one of the best way is to rub sugar and honey regularly at least 5-10 minutes in 4 days in a week, while, for having natural pinkness on lips rub rose and mint leaves on your lips daily.

As we all know that eyes are the very essential part in respect of finishing of makeup. Most of the girls love to enhance their eyes. We all use black pencil but it often melt during summer or raining months even in winters because of oily skin tone and smudges onto upper eyelid . Now what to do? In this case go for powder eyeshades as their consistency is not oily and creamy even if it smudges, it doesn’t look worst. So always when going out and want to prevent it from smudging, use some eye shadow with your eyeliner from tiny side. Primer is one of the branded products used by professionals that not only evens out skin, but also provide a smooth base for makeup.

If you want to have glowing skin tone in 5 minutes uses these above mentioned tip. And at least 3 days in a week make a habit of using honey, salt and sugar on your face and see change.

However, advances in skin technology were enormous in 2017, but, 2018 has come up with exciting new products to beautify your skin even more majestically. So, what are the products that will be filling your cabinets in 2018:

  • High Tech Masks: It is perfect for pore perfection.
  • Pro-biotic based Skincare: If you are worried about dry, chapped and stripped skin, this skincare is a must.
  • Superfood Skincare: Massaging super seed facial oil into your skin every evening can bring a drastic difference.

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