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  • How to Conduct a Customer Service Assessment Test?

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Customer service plays an important in any business. The quality of customer service provided by an enterprise or an organization will, to an extent, determine the success of the business. If being easily reachable and approachable are crucial, being able to understand the customers’ query/ complaint and providing them with a solution is also vital.

For the customer service department to handle the volume of the calls, emails, and messages from customers, the employees hired for the job should be efficient, trained, and capable enough to handle the situation on their own in most cases.

Contrary to what certain enterprises think, customer service representatives should be qualified, assertive, and be able to take decisions. Being polite and courteous is just one aspect of the job. Identifying the root cause of a complaint, finding a solution, and helping customers with their queries are major aspects of the job.

Enterprises will need to hire employees with a wide array of skills and traits for this job. The best way to conduct a Customer Service Assessment Test is by contacting the pre-employment test service provider companies. These companies offer various test forms and multiple test patterns for enterprises to choose from.

The HR team can customize the test form or create a new one based on the specific requirements of their business. Though a standard test form is available, we cannot deny that customer services vary from business to business. The job requirements in each industry are different. The role played by the customer service agents in some enterprises is quite critical when compared to others.

Let us take a look at some of the basic must-have skills for a customer service agent.

Communication Skills

Communication is the key aspect of a customer service job. Employees who can talk to strangers, who can listen to queries, being polite yet firm when handling ill-tempered customers, speaking with confidence, not feeling shy or mumbling into the phone are some factors to be considered as a part of communication skills. Listening to customers is also very important. Communication has to be two-sided.

Decision Making Skills

Customer service agents should be able to think fast and make decisions in a matter of minutes. Though certain issues will have to be referred to the senior or next level executives, the agents are given certain powers to handle crisis situations. If an employee needs constant guidance in making decisions, the person is not suited to the job.

Problem-Solving Skills/ Troubleshooting Skills

The candidates should display the desire to understand the problem. No problem can be effectively solved if the main cause is not understood. Jumping to conclusions, not listening to customers, not asking questions are some traits that a customer service agent should not have.

Time Management Skills

This is another crucial skill that determines the capabilities of a customer service agent. The person will have to attend to numerous calls, emails, or messages in a span of a few hours. The amount of time the person spends on attending to a problem will determine how many he/ she can solve by the end of the day.

Comprehension and Understanding Skills

The extent to which an employee can understand a customer’s problem will decide how he/ she can find a solution for it. The wrong diagnosis will provide adverse results. Using real-time scenarios in the test forms, enterprises can assess the extent to which a candidate is able to look at a given issue and know more about it.

Knowledge of the Subject(s)

A customer service agent should have thorough knowledge about the product or service offered by the enterprise. The person should also be aware of the rules, regulations, and policies of the business. The employee should be able to answer general queries without referring to the manuals or brochures.

Language Skills

The customer service agents are expected to know more than one language. Depending on the location of the business and the region to which the business caters, the employees will have to be proficient in listening to and speak in the said languages. Misunderstanding or using a wrong word could lead to problem situations.

Computer Literacy

In today’s world, having knowledge about using computers is a must. The customer service agents should have basic computer knowledge and have decent typing skills. They should also be able to learn new software applications as a part of the job.

Apart from the above-mentioned skills, enterprises will also have to conduct the behavioral assessment or a cultural assessment test to ensure that the candidates can fit into the work environment and co-exist with other employees.

Many enterprises are using pre-employment tests to comprehensively assess the candidates and select the best of the lot. These tests are time-saving, cost-effective, and provided the required results to the business enterprises.

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