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  • Ultimate Checklist and Tips on Digital Declutter

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I enjoy a good cleaning binge in any aspect of life, but one area that we spend a lot of time in but sometimes overlook is our digital spaces.

You may do these all at once or spread them out over the weeks coming up to the New Year. Alternatively, choose only a handful that will make you feel the best.

Why should you simplify your digital life?

I believe I speak for the majority when I say I like a good decluttering session at the start of a new chapter. Even if you may reset your life at any time, it’s a great reason to start again.

We devote a lot of time using our phones & computers, yet we frequently overlook that however much our immersive technologies influence our moods. It is also supported by science! Clutter may raise our tension, diminish our capacity to focus, and therefore can lead us to obsess too.

Let’s start by cleaning your digital life so you will be more strain, productive, & sleep much better realizing you’re organised and put up.

Sort through your files.

Let’s look through the files and locate them some acceptable directories!

I eventually became excellent at this after buying a new laptop and beginning from scratch some few years ago, and I still have some folders which are a jumble, such as my downloads folder. Remove files you no longer require and organise those you do. Help ensure you have a location for everything in order that you could always find the files! It will transform your life, & its well worth the effort.

Whether this feels much too daunting since all of your documents are scattered, establish a large folder for each of your previous files & new directories for the method you intend to utilise.

Organize your desktop

If you’re using your computer to save downloads, it’s time to provide it some TLC. Get get rid of unnecessary items and organise everything in folders.

Filters might help you organise your inbox.

I enjoy using filters to immediately route mails to a category that I’ll read through afterwards when there is time. It’s an easy approach to aid your ideal future by automating things.

Reset the insecure passwords

Whether you’ve received alerts indicating your passwords are insecure, it’s time to amend them! It’s also a good idea to update your passwords every several months.

Delete and unsubscribe from spam emails

Did you realise that there is such a thing as digital pollution? Get rid of any unnecessary emails. I put all of my old emails into a folder to go through the deleting procedure to make it less daunting. Then, each day, I’ll unsubscribe to anything new that arrives in my email that I don’t need.

Going through hundreds of emails might be intimidating, but if you only look at that day’s mail, it’s much simpler to handle! But don’t forget to return to that folder and remove any existing emails!

Unsubscribe from some of the subscriber and follower lists.

Whoever we follow might grow boring after a while. Examine your list to discover whom you currently follow and also who you have never really interacted with in a while. Maybe you’ll rediscover your love for their stuff and tell the algo that you still do! Perhaps it is no longer a suitable fit for you and you should unfollow or unsubscribe.

Examine your bookmarks.

On Google Chrome, I’m a huge “bookmark” gal, especially with my “items to purchase” folder. However, it quickly becomes obsolete. It’s time to sift through your lists and save only what you need.

Examine your purchased subscriptions.

It’s tempting to just let things run when they’re automated, but ask yourself, “How much use am I getting out of this?” How many Apple TV+ programmes am I now watching? Is this video editing programme truly necessary for my business? Perhaps look at less expensive alternatives. Or, on the other hand, perhaps it’s time to update your memberships – especially while they’re on sale!

Remove programmes that you no longer use.

Have you downloaded a game that you haven’t played in a long time? It’s easy to lose track of programmes on your computer or phone that you no longer use! Find at least 5 applications that you rarely use and get rid of them!

Remove all alerts

I despise phone alerts. I’m the one who needs to look at them in order for them to go. Remove your alerts if you’ve been becoming easily distracted! Alternatively, you may establish “do not disturb” times on your phone and computer.

Set app and screen time restrictions.

Set some screen time limitations, too, so you may be notified when you’ve reached the limit. Even if I ignore the notice for the day, I’m more conscious of how much time I’m spending on TikTok, which is preferable than idly scrolling through your phone for hours.

Let’s start 2023 by cleaning your digital life so you can be more stress-free, productive, and sleep better knowing you’re organised and put together.

I’m included this since I know some of my fellow business besties and pals might use it! Take advantage of the additional free time during the holidays to finish that course you purchased! You may have a lot of shared files over which you have no control, but chances are you also have a lot of files that need to be sorted.

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