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Linus Torvalds created Mac OS X in 1991, and Linux is a similar operating system to Windows. The operating system serves as a link between software and hardware. It oversees computer hardware and delivers services for applications. Linux began as a simple operating system, but it has now evolved into a platform for desktops, embedded computers, and servers. It was created as a replacement for Minix (UNIX clone developed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum).

Because of its modular design, Linux offers a wide range of variants and distributions. The Linux kernel is the system’s foundation or core. It manages basic peripheral devices, handles network access, and oversees file system services, as well as scheduling programs or processes. Linux has numerous advantages over other operating systems, which is why it is utilized in practically every area today, from smartphones to supercomputers, automobiles to household appliances, and many more.

Linux’s benefits include:

Let’s take a quick look at some of Linux’s benefits.

Free and open-source software

One of the most intriguing aspects of Linux is that it is an open-source operating system, meaning that anybody can access its source code. Anyone who knows how to code can contribute, alter, improve, and share the code with anyone for any reason.

Safety and security

Linux is more secure than any other operating system such as Windows. Because malware exists, Linux is not completely secure, but it is less vulnerable than other operating systems.

Resurrecting ancient computer systems

Linux allows you to use or repurpose old and obsolete computer systems as a firewall, router, backup server, or file server, among other things. There are a variety of distributions to choose from depending on your system’s capabilities. Puppy Linux is suitable for low-end systems.

Updates to the software

In Linux, you stumble upon a bigger variety of software program updates. These software program updates are lots quicker than updates in every other running device. Updates in Linux may be accomplished without problems without dealing with any fundamental trouble or concern.


Its ability to be customized gives it a distinct advantage over other operating systems. You can tweak any feature, add, or delete any feature to suit your needs because it is an open-source operating system. Not only that, but you can also use a variety of wallpapers and attractive icon themes to make your system look even better.

Different Distributions

There are numerous Linux distributions available, sometimes known as distros. It provides customers with a variety of options or flavors. You are free to choose any bistros that suit your needs. Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, Linux Mint, and many others are examples of Linux bistros. If you’re a beginner, Ubuntu or Linux Mint are good choices. You could use Debian or Fedora if you’re a great programmer.

It’s completely free to use (Low Cost)

Linux can be downloaded and used for free from the internet. You do not need to purchase a license because Linux and many of its programs are released under the GNU General Public License. This has proven to be one of Linux’s most significant benefits over Windows and other operating systems. To purchase a Windows license, you must pay a large sum of money, which is not the case with Linux.

A sizable community backing

Excited users create large community support forums on the internet to aid and solve problems that other users are having. Many dedicated programmers are available to assist you whenever and wherever possible.

Consistency (Reliability)

Linux has a high level of stability, which means it does not need to be rebooted after a short amount of time. Your Linux system will seldom stutter or freeze On Windows, you must reboot your machine after installing or deleting an application or updating your software, but this is not the case with Linux. You may work without interruption on your Linux systems.


Linux preserves user data privacy by collecting very little data from them while using its distributions or software, which is not the case with many other operating systems.

Performing Arts

Linux performs well on a variety of networks and workstations. It allows a big number of people to work at the same time and efficiently manages them.

Network Assistance

Because Linux was built by programmers via the internet, it supports network features. Linux makes it simple and quick to set up client and server systems on your computer systems.

Using Hard Disks Correctly

Even when the hard disc is nearly full, Linux manages to complete all jobs effectively. This boosts Linux’s performance, making it a high-performance operating system.


Linux is a multitasking operating system because it can perform multiple tasks at once without slowing down. For example, downloading a large file will not slow down the system.

Make use of numerous desktops

Linux comes with a variety of desktop environments that make it simple to use. You can install Linux with whatever desktop environment you like, such as KDE (K Desktop Environment) or GNOME (GNOME Desktop Environment) (GNU Network Object Model Environment).


Linux can run or executing any file type and is compatible with a vast variety of them.

Installation is quick and simple

Linux is easy to install via the web and does not require any prerequisites because it can run on any hardware, including outdated PCs.

Where can I find reliable Linux managed IT services?

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