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  • Travelling This Summer? Here’s Why You Should Travel by Train!

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For several decades now, we have become a nation of flyers – choosing fast travel to sun-drenched corners of Europe and beyond. But now the tide is starting to turn, as more people realize that travelling by train might be the way to go for a whole range of reasons. Here are a few…

It’s far less tedious than flying

It saves you endless queuing and waiting in charmless airports. There is also the issue of baggage – every airline, it seems, has different rules oversize and weight allowance, and if you commit the crime of being one gram or millimeter over the limit, you might face an eye-watering fee.

By contrast, rail travel is far more relaxed when it comes to baggage allowances, and you won’t have to jump through hoops to avoid additional fees. Waiting times are also dramatically reduced, especially if you’ve bought tickets in advance.

You actually get to where you want to go

That’s right – most airports are a fair distance from the town they represent, and some airlines will actually take you to a different town altogether and expect you to make your own way there. By contrast, railway stations tend to be in or near town centres. The rail network around Europe is far more extensive, too, meaning if you are travelling to a small town, or even village, there’s a good chance you can get there by rail, but almost no chance of doing so directly by plane.

The added flexibility also applies to those wishing to ‘hop on and hop off’ when they travel. You can do this from one town to the next by rail.

You can experience the landscapes

Flying is functional. It gets you from A to B quickly, and you’re often so high up you can’t get any real sense of what the landscape’s like all those miles below. Bag yourself a window seat on a train, however, and you will glide through the countryside, towns, villages, and cities. You can spot so much more, as the journey becomes a thoroughly enjoyable part of the holiday.

It’s eco-friendly

And that is an understatement when compared to flying or even travelling by car. You cut your emissions by 90% when choosing rail over air travel. The fact that you normally arrive in the middle of town means you also save eco-miles by not requiring additional transport once you’ve arrived. This makes rail a popular option for those wishing to continue their love of seeing the world without being part of its destruction. In addition to this, travelling by train will also help to reduce your annual carbon footprint, something that we all need to do if we’re going to halt the devasting effects of climate change.

For many, rail travel is the most enjoyable way to get from A to B. It’s stress-free with far less hassle and environmental impact than other modes of transport. And it might just be the way an increasing number of holidaymakers choose to journey across the European continent in years to come.

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