Featured Image Caption: Expectations – A Poem

Expectations and Realities kills,
Always buried to fill.
Fill the deepest gratification of the human.
But, still it never seemed to get full.

The tank is so deep,
That maybe the whole life stands nothing in front of them.
Maybe the whole life or after life conquerer the thought of getting all of them.
But, poison is not always the killer,

Sometimes, sweet becomes adversity in your life and you being the victim.
Understanding the difference between the necessity and desire is hard.
But not as hard as the pain of numb body,
Alive but dead.

You can have dreams of nothing rather dreams that have been made to shatter your life.
Living a life without expecting anything is what a life is all about,
Since God can never be rich enough to fulfill the expectations of the greedy mid.

Nistha Singh

By Nistha Singh
– I’m currently a high school student but writing has been my passion and the field of interest from very starting. I believe that words can heal anyone. I hope you will manage to find the same message in whatever I intend to write. Although, I used to challenge myself to write any kind of stuff from poems to blogs to anything. I hope you will like my work. Thanks.


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